Seller Information

Consigning your unwanted items is easy and rewarding. You’ll be thrilled with both the earning potential and the bargains you’ll find for your kids. You’ll receive 70% on your items that sell and receive back (or choose to donate) your unsold items for free. At KidStuff, we believe in more money for your stuff and more stuff for your money, all under one roof at one consignment sale event.

What You Do

  1. Register as a consignor
    • Learn more about our Tagging Service here
  2. Gather the items you’d like to sell
  3. Prepare to package, price and print
  4. Schedule your check-in and drop-off appointment
  5. Track your daily sales online
  6. Pick up your unsold items
  7. Sell in our next KidStuff event without re-tagging

What We Do

  1. Reserve your space at the venue
  2. Extensively advertise the sale
  3. Display and merchandise your items
  4. Host a special early presale for YOU
  5. Manage the entire event
  6. Help you sell YOUR KidStuff

Consignor Basics

  • Sellers get to shop before the public sale begins! They also receive a guest pass for a friend to shop before the public sale.
  • Sellers earn 70% of personal sales. Ambassador Sellers earn up to 85% of sales.
  • The seller registration fee is $15.00 per event.
  • The first time you register with us, you’ll create a unique user ID, password, and seller # that you can use for all future sales.
  • If you’d like to participate at more than one sale location, you’ll need to register for each sale location. You can use the same seller information when you register for each sale.
  • Maintaining the same seller # will allow you to tag items only once and register to participate in as many sales and seasons as you like! No more re-tagging!

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