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How long have you been consigning with KidStuff Sale?
This will be my third year consigning, and each year gets better and easier!

What’s your favorite thing about KidStuff Sale?
I love that as sellers you get the opportunity to help and see how it all works behind the scenes. The organization of the sale and the thought that goes into it all is inspiring! (I also really love to shop!)

What’s been your best find/steal at KidStuff Sale?
I had been wanting to get my daughter a white wooden kitchen for her birthday and walked in the day I could shop and the PERFECT kitchen was there for $45 (online for $150!) Not a single scratch. She plays with that thing all day, every day.

Tell us about your family!
My husband, Adam, and I will be married for ten years this June and have three kiddos, Cameron (8), Bennett (6), and Isabelle (2). We met working at a Chick-fil-A together while he was finishing up college, and still eat Chick-fil-A ALL the time. We moved to Louisville four years ago (he’s from here, but I’m a WV girl) and have loved it!

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?
We have a closet that is supposed to be for linens that is PACKED full of games. We normally play a game every single night, either as a family or just Adam and I after the kids go to bed.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?
I love getting to watch my children grow and see how their brains mature and change. The fact that they learn so much so quickly absolutely amazes me, and it is so fun to watch them discover the world right in front of my eyes.

When you’re not on mom duty, what do you like to do?
I’m a virtual assistant for a company, and honestly really enjoy my job. I love solving problems and the ability to work from the comfort of my home. When I’m not answering emails or researching, I’m likely to be found in the kitchen coming up with a new recipe.

What’s something about you that someone may not know?
I can’t stand driving on the interstate. I’m from a little town with one stoplight, so moving to Louisville was a BIG change for me. I will still take the route that is ten minutes longer if it means that I can stay on local roads!

What’s your best mom hack?
Keep a busy box in the house! We have a box with coloring materials, stickers, craft clay, etc that I keep at the top of the closet. This box only comes down when mom REALLY needs space to get things done, so they’re seen as a treat to my kids. They don’t see them often, which makes them feel new every time!

What’s one thing you swore you’d never say or do as a mom but now do?
Let them watch more than an hour of tv. I swore my kids would not have much screentime. But let’s face it… Sometimes you need them to just watch a movie on a Wednesday so you can actually make food and get a shower. That’s life!

What’s your best “mom in the trenches” story?
I had post-partum anxiety after the birth of our daughter and had to force myself out of the house for my kids’ sake. We would walk a half-mile to the playground every few days, and my middle son (our oldest was in school) would love it. But I would just sit lonely on a bench and listen to my daughter cry, sometimes joining in. One time, my son suddenly stopped playing, ran over to the bench, and gave me the BIGGEST hug, saying “Momma, you are the best. You make me so happy.” It means the world to a momma when her kiddos remind her of her worth!

What advice do you have for moms looking to consign with and/or shop KidStuff Sale for the first time?
My best selling advice is to start sorting early! When I transition our closets for a new season, I keep a tub in storage.  I throw anything that won’t fit the next year in that tub, and I already have a starting point for the next sale! Then I hang by size before making my tags, so it’s already organized!
And my best buying advice is to make a list. I go through the closets and figure out who needs what so I have an exact number of what I need. I go in with a mission so I’m able to feel accomplished when I’m done shopping!

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