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Welcome to KidStuff Sale TagForYou Service

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This information below is specifically for registered TagForYou sellers – please review it all now and/or click the link above to print a copy to reference as you prepare.  The required seller agreement is also included in the three page packet. 

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you for submitting your TagForYou reservation form for the upcoming sale/season! We look forward to helping you you’re your KidStuff.   We highly suggest that you keep your Drop Off appointment with us as the spots tend to fill quickly. As you begin to prepare, be sure to READ all 3 pages of this document so you are best prepared.  Again, thank you for your interest in KidStuff Sale and our TagForYou Service.

Percent of Proceeds & Fee Structure

TagForYou Service clients pay no upfront fees. All seller fees are deducted from sale proceeds at the end of the sale season. KidStuff Sale TagForYou sellers earn 50% of total sales proceeds minus a one time per season registration fee of $15.  In addition,  each season the seller agrees to an additional $15 material, storage and transportation fee which will help to cover the cost of tagging material supplies such as cardstock, ink, hangers, pins, cable ties, baggies, and tape.   

 Preparing your Items for Drop Off

  • Review our list Acceptable/Unacceptable items.
  • Gather the items you want to sell.
  • Inspect clothing for defects, stains, etc. and remove those items.
  • Launder and stack clothing in a flat pile. (Clothing must be free of any debris or odors)
  • Boxes need to be labeled with your full name before drop off.
  • Place piles of clothing in boxes. Clothing will not be accepted in bags.
  • Please secure 2 piece outfits together with either safety pins or rubber bands.
  • Wipe down items, secure pieces and replace batteries if needed.

Bring items to our drop off location at your scheduled time.  If you need to reschedule, you must notify us 24 hours in advance so we can schedule a TagForYou client on the waiting list into that spot.    Allow 15 minutes when arriving for drop off site. Please read and sign the attached Seller Agreement before arriving. Your items will be inspected for obvious unsellables which will be sent home with you during that time.


Pricing/ Tagging System & Unsellable items

Pricing will be done by the experience KidStuffSale tagging team to ensure that your items will bring the highest value possible while ensuring that the item will sell.

 KidStuffSale will be creating you an account to tag your items. As a seller using the TagForYou Service you will not have online access to the tagging system due to the fact we cannot risk that the seller may make changes to information that could affect the barcode on the tag.

Unsold items will be picked up after the last sale of the season or at the end of the sale depending on when you participate.  If you chose to not pick up your unsolds they will be donated and your checks from all 3 sales and a donation slip will be mailed the following week.

 Any unsellables (items with stains, etc.) found during the tagging process will be donated vs. stored.  We cannot store unsellable items midseason.  Thanks for understanding. You will receive a donation ship along with your checks at the end of the season.

 As a KidStuffSale Seller for the season you will be invited to shop the Consignor Pre –sale for each sale location. Please visit our website for the dates and times for each event.  When you arrive identify yourself as a TagForYou Client and you will be checked off by name.

 Questions? Contact Stephanie Ottersbach 502-645-9088or

 Acceptable items:

  •  Clothing – LIMIT 100 Pieces or outfits (seasonal appropriate to individual sale) – recent style clothing that is in great condition with no stains, holes, defects or smoky odors. Clothing sizes from newborn – 12/14 (at some events teen/juniors. No adult clothing or sizing permitted.)
  • Shoes seasonal for sale (no winter boots for spring sale – no sandals for fall sale) cleaned and in excellent condition. No excessive wear please.
  • Toys make sure all pieces included and the toys is in working condition with batteries. The Dollar store is a great option. Games should also include directions.
  • Stuffed Animals interactive or are of an approved for safety brands such as Build a Bear, Webkinz or Gantz.
  • Outdoor Play playhouses, bikes and toys must be in good condition, clean and free of mud and debris.
  • Power Wheels and Battery Powered Vehicles must be in working condition, and if either Battery or Charger is missing or needs replacing it must be noted on tag.
  • Books should be in good shape and free from rips or markings. No adult titles with the exception of parenting.
  • DVDs/CDs/ Video Games  must be in the original case, and free from scratches that would prevent them from working properly. Test all items at home before sending to KidStuff to sell.
  • Sports Equipment – children or teen equipment.
  • Cribs (with fixed sides) & Toddler beds.
  • Nursery or Children’s furniture such as beds, bedding, changing tables, window treatments, dressers, chests, bookshelves, and room décor, etc…
  • Baby Equipment, strollers, highchairs, cradles, bassinet, swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, carriers, pack n plays, etc. must be in good condition and cleaned off, with all parts included. Include instruction booklets if possible.
  • Car Seats can be sold if the manufacture date on car seat is under 6 years old, and the seat has not been in any type of accident.
  • Maternity Clothing that is seasonally appropriate and in good condition and in current style is accepted with a limit of 20 items.

*You as the seller are responsible for making sure that none of the items you wish to sell have been recalled. Please see


We cannot accept:

 Shirts that will not be accepted are those that have damaged decals or t shirts that portray events or children’s sports teams.

  • Bottle nipples, used pacifiers, vinyl books, or teething rings with liquid.
  • Sippy cups, bottles, bibs, burp clothes, socks or underwear.
  • VHS movie tapes

Click here to rint this information: TagForYou Seller Detail Sheets 

KidStuff Sale Seller Agreement          

In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from the KidStuff Sale Events through the     Tag for You Service, the undersigned seller understands and agrees to each of the following:

 ·         I agree to allow KidStuff Sale, LLC (KSS) to sell all items checked into the sale. I acknowledge that KSS reserves the right to, at its sole discretion; remove any item from the sale at any time. Initial ____

 ·         I agree to participate in the sale by following all requirements and guidelines as indicated on the Consignor tab of the KSS website.  I have read and understand the directions in preparing for the event according to the directions sent via email before drop off to Tag for You Service. Initial ____

 ·         I acknowledge my items offered to be sold are in good operating condition, with reasonable wear and tear, and are not defective, broken or damaged in any way. If an item is found to be other than described once purchased and is returned by a purchaser, I agree to refund purchaser and provide KSS its portion of the sale as a handling fee. Initial ____

 ·         I know of no reason why any item offered for sale by me would cause injury to another. Initial ____

 ·         I acknowledge that no item is the subject of any pending or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection action and that I have reviewed the CPSC recall list and no items being consigned appear on such list. Initial ____

 ·         I acknowledge that items remain my property until purchased by buyer.  KidStuff Sale, LLC does not take title to nor risk of loss of any item being consigned. Initial ____

 ·         I agree to pay KidStuff Sale 50% of the total sales amount in consideration for its work and services in coordinating, organizing and promoting the sale event. I also agree to pay a $15 supply fee.  Initial ____

 ·         I understand that all items not picked up at the designated pick up time noted on website for the respective sale at the end of the season, will be donated to a non-profit charity that same day.  Items cannot be held after that time. Any items found to be unsellable will be donated accordingly. Items will not be stored or returned. Initial ____

 ·         I agree to hold harmless and make no claim against KidStuff Sale any volunteer or paid participants in the sale for any damage, theft, or loss of any items consigned to KidStuff Sale. KidStuff Sale does not anticipate any thefts, damage or loss and takes every precaution to prevent them; however I assume the risks of these events occurring by participating in the sale.  Initial ____

 ·         I agree to not set up in business as a direct competitor of KidStuff Sale, LLC within 75 miles of Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A, for a period of 36 months (or 3 years). Initial ____

 ·         I agree to cash/deposit KidStuff Sale proceeds check within 30 days of issuance. Initial ____

 ·         Any and all provisions contained herein shall survive the Event.

 I certify that I have read & understand each item in this agreement and will abide by its terms. 

 __________________________            ______________________                    

Seller  Printed Name                              Date                                             

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Seller Signature                                        KidStuff Signature              Revised March 28, 2014

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