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Our History

The idea for KidStuff Sale was conceived over 20 years ago. Suzette, a licensed real estate broker, worked with a family relocating from Tennessee who told her about a consignment event they’d attended in Nashville. Suzette immediately LOVED the concept and decided to start a neighborhood sale, with the help of her mother Peggy.


The very first KidStuff Sale event was held in the Decker’s backyard and garage. There were about 30 friends and neighbors who sold and a handful of items, and by all definitions that mattered, it was a success. Neighborhood families found plenty of goodies, and the sellers were grateful for the payout they took home.


Suzette had discovered a way to supplement her family income while bringing together two very valuable parties: families that had outgrown their kids’ stuff, and families that needed new kids’ stuff on a budget. It was the perfect pairing.


Over the following 10 years, Suzette grew her Louisville KidStuff event to over 300 consignors and 15,000 square feet. In 2007, she added events in Oldham County and Southern Indiana, expanding to more markets that had more families and more kids’ stuff.


In 2017, KidStuff Sale celebrated its 20th anniversary, making it the longest-running children’s consignment event in the area. Nothing brings Suzette and her team more joy than meeting KidStuff families and hearing how the events have impacted their lives, closets, and bank accounts.


KidStuff Sale has become a staple in the Louisville resale industry and remains a blessing to all families who participate as well as many local charities who benefit from donations and merchandise.

Our Charity Partners


Some of Our Team

Tracy Suttles

I became a Kid Stuff Sale consigner around 2005, and haven’t even thought about leaving since!! I have 7 children and this sale is a blessing for me and my family. I can find absolutely anything I want and need EVERY season without fail. The flip side to this is also how fabulous it is to be able to sell everything I have that I don’t need anymore! I sell 75% of my inventory every season and love making the extra cash!! Last but not least is how much I adore the girls I work with. I work about 40 hours every season and am in charge of building the toy floor, and I LOVE IT! I’ve made so many friends and look forward to every season because I get to spend time with them all week long!! Along my journey I have encouraged so many of my friends to shop/sell for Kid Stuff and they all love it like myself!!! I’m beyond blessed to be involved with this amazing event every year!

Brittany Becht

I first shopped the KidStuff Sale in 2008 while I was pregnant with my daughter. I was so amazed at how much I was able to buy for such awesome prices! After my second child was born I became a seller and was in awe of how much money I was able to make on my kids outgrown items. I use the money I make from selling my stuff to shop at the sale so I’m not spending a penny! Now that I have 3 children I shop, sell AND partner with the team to help run the sale. I LOVE helping at KidStuff Sale! I do a little bit of everything during the sale, but my absolute favorite is helping the shoppers have fun while getting great deals! 

Jennifer Keeney

My first experience with KidStuff Sale was in the fall of 2014. I had just had my first daughter and was so amazed at all the great deals to be found! I quickly joined as a seller for the following sale, and have worked at or attended just about every sale since. I officially joined the team in 2018 and LOVE the new friendships that have formed as a result. I have two girls and KidStuff Sale allows me to buy all the things and not break the bank! I love seeing how the sale runs from start to finish, and have a huge appreciation for all the work that goes into this- months before the sale even starts all the way to closing the doors on the trailer at the end.  See you at the next sale!

Amy Cannon

Amy discovered KidStuff Sale in the Spring of 2007, after the birth of her first son. She’s been hooked ever since! She loves the thrill of the savings and deals almost as much as loves the friends she’s made through the sale. Amy helps with the Facebook groups, and can be found behind the registers during sale time.

Kristen Due

I need more than a paragraph to describe the ways in which KidStuff has impacted our family! For years, I had seen pictures floating around on Facebook of the rows upon rows of clothes, shoes, toys and so much more! Finally, I decided that I wanted in on that action! Rather than beginning as a shopper, I dove right in and became a consignor and team partner. That sale, I made over twice what I spent…an excellent start to what would be an incredible journey with this organization. Having six children, KidStuff has become a way of life. We find everything that we need for the upcoming season, and so much more! KidStuff not only saves us literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars every year, but it has brought incredible people into our lives! Even my husband (secretly) loves this sale! I couldn’t imagine ever not being part of this incredible business!

Kim Buckner

I discovered KidStuff Sale a few weeks after my daughter was born and was immediately hooked, 8.5 years later I’m still in love with KidStuff Sale. My daughter who is now 8 loves KidStuff Sale as much as I do. Being able to get her clothes and toys at a fraction of their normal price has been such a blessing. Kim is a jack of all trades and is typically helping with a bit of everything.

Stephanie Ottersbach

I love working, selling, and buying with KidStuff Sale ! As a mother of 4 I have shopped and sold since  2002. A couple of years later when my kids got older I began working/ partnering with Suzette. We have worked very well together through many years and seasons and worked very hard to make KidStuff what it is today. I have loved watching the sale and our KidStuff family grow !

As the sale manager I have done every job to plan and run the events from truck unlock at the beginning of the season to truck lock at the end… and a whole lot off season to prepare for the events. I would say the hardest part of my job is the [team partner] and team coordination it takes to put on an event and the easiest part for me is the sale floor layout and space management involved in fitting so much stuff into the space well organized for easy shopping. I can say without a doubt that my FAVORITE part of my job is all the little babies I get to hold … and watch grow up wearing clothes and playing toys from KidStuff Sale !

Diane McCartin

I’m an obsessed Nana of one amazing seven-year-old little girl! My husband, Tim and I live in Sellersburg, and we’re both retired. I started shopping at Kidstuff Sale in fall 2010 before my granddaughter was born in November of that year. I wanted to have a fully stocked nursery for when she visited from Florida, and I was able to do that with all of the bargains I found at the sale. After my first sale, I started helping run the event so I could shop early. Eventually, my granddaughter moved to Indiana and I became obsessed, so I’ve been consigning, shopping and working with the team since 2010. We sell the clothes and toys she’s outgrown and buy for the next size. Kids grow so fast, it doesn’t make sense to buy anything retail. We’ve been able to clothe her in very nice clothes by buying from other sellers and we’ve made a tidy sum by reselling her clothes. It’s a win-win! In my free time I take French lessons, garden and antique.

Karen Wantland

Karen has been involved with KidStuff Sales for over 10 years. She’s done everything from assemble racks, unload the truck, inspect, hold, count, and even help pack!

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