Check In & Pick Up Procedures

Check-in (and Drop-off) Procedures

Check-in appointment scheduling is located within the tagging system. Simply log in and choose the best time for you to drop off your items! You may select your check-in time through March 1, 2018.

Express Check In Sellers (sellers donating all unsold items) must select an “Express Check In” time slot- those are the only times we will have volunteers available to unload and floor your items. Express Drop Off Sellers will pull up to the large garage door in the back of the venue to be unloaded by our volunteers.  A volunteer will bring you your presale passes and collect your signed seller agreement.  We have added some more Express Drop Off Check In times if you were previously unable to secure one, please check again!

ALL SELLERS: Before you arrive to check in, please ensure that:

  • All items are hung with the hook facing left, like a question mark (?)
  • All clothing is RUBBER BANDED by gender and size – VERY IMPORTANT – DO THIS AT HOME!
  • Group like items together in disposable boxes (infant toys, girls toys, boys toys, books, infant items, puzzles, games, shoes, etc.) and our volunteers will place your items on the floor! This will drastically speed up your drop off but – is not required.
  • Attach the large item claim ticket to any items that are difficult to carry or high valued- printable large item tag, found here: KidStuff Claim Tickets & Instructions
  • Print and sign your seller agreement to bring with you, found here: Seller Agreement
  • Returning sellers– no need to write your sort code (last initial) on your tags!

STANDARD SELLERS: When you arrive for check-in…

  1. You have options for how to unload your car:
    • You may park in the front or back lot and use wagons, rolling racks, carts, etc. to bring your items in.  We will have limited amounts of these available for your use.
    • You may pull up to the large garage door in the back of the venue to unload – this is where we anticipate a wait. You will unload your car, making a pile of your items just inside the venue. You will then need to park and come back inside to complete your drop off.
  2. Park, enter the building, and check in, provide a signed copy of the seller agreement and  receive your presale passes. This is time to ask us any final questions and finish tagging your items. An item prep table will be available for your convenience.
    • Returning Sellers: Be sure to let us know if you brought any items with old tags and your 5 digit seller number on them so that we can assign those sales to your new account!
  3. Clothing will be inspected by size and gender- bring your rubber banded stacks to the clothing racks and drop them off at the correct size. Items that do not pass inspection will be available at the end of the event during pick up.
  4. You may select how to floor your non-clothing items.
    • Group your items by categories in boxes (boys shoes, girls shoes, books, puzzles, infant items, infant toys, girls toys, arts and crafts, etc) and leave the box at that area for our volunteers to put onto the floor.  Let us do the flooring for you!
    • You may place your items onto the sales floor yourself (toys with batteries will need to be left at the toy table to be inspected).

Express Valet  SellersClick to review your instructions from that page of our website.


Pick Up Procedures

Pick Up is optional- all items not picked up will benefit a local charity. You may come at any point during the two pick-up windows to pick up your unsold items. All payouts will be made days following the sale via PayPal, so you don’t need to come to pick up unless you want to.

Unsold items will remain in event display order – clothing by gender / by size and items in category.  We suggest you tag with meaningful descriptions and print an unsold / pick up report before heading over to the venue.  Feel free to mark you hangers  if you’d like to.

Pick up time frames are outlined below:

  1. SUNDAY, MARCH 11th  5:00p-9:00p: Sales will be uploaded around 4:00/4:30 and again later in the evening.  Registers will remain open and all items are available for purchase for 10% off your total purchase.
    • Discount Sunday is always a great sale day and heavily shopped – we have volunteers lined up to work throughout the day trying to ensure items are in the correct spot on the floor, but know that it will not be perfect.
  2. MONDAY, MARCH 12th  9:00a-1:00p: Final sales will be uploaded early in the morning so that you will have a final unsold report to print. While we still cannot guarantee every item will be where it is supposed to be, we anticipate this to be a calmer pick up window.  If you plan reclaim a majority of your unsold items, we recommend coming during this time slot.
  3. Directions on how to print an unsolds/pick up report for easier list of unsold items will be sent closer to the end of the sale.
  4. Check the lost and found, items with lost tags, and un-sellables rack for items that did not pass inspection (items found with stains, holes, or out of season).
  5. Tax donation slip pdf will be available on the website and a link will be emailed to all sellers.
  6. We cannot be responsible for any items that are missing or you leave behind. Items left after pick-up will be donated to a local charity. Thank you for understanding.



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