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The MISC category is limited to 5 per seller. Please think about where it would make sense to put items – here are a couple of examples: 2 pair of brand new compression knee high socks = SPORTING GOODS …. a NIB swivel car phone holder/charger and NIB magnifying lens for taking distance photos with your cellphone = ELECTRONICS and NWOT bug/mosquito nets for playpen, car seat, bouncy or stroller = INFANT MISC. Try to think of the areas that make the most sense where shoppers may be looking for similar (type) items. I know it is not perfect but it sure beats having 2,000 items in the misc category to scroll through (400+ sellers x 5 misc items each. If you truly have more than 5 items that do not fit anywhere else, message me and we can increase that # for you.

My job is to market the sale and organize the store to sell as many items as possible, last sale I spend 1/2 day putting MISC category items in a more meaningful spot (no limit that sale) – planning to avoid that issue moving forward. 🙂 🤝

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