Consigning Virtually with Kidstuff Sale

It is easy to participate and fun to sell items from home!  No private posts, price negotiations or no-show meet ups.

  • Our community of sellers love to clear clutter, make money and shop for great deals!  We love providing the opportunity to do all three!  We’ve developed a system to help our sellers maximize their profits and reduce the amount of unsold merchandise.
  • Let us help you achieve the best sell-through rate possible.  We’ve provided the tools and tricks to make the most money from your unused KidStuff.  BONUS! We also have special incentives for those with high sell-through rates.
  • Contact us with questions or text 502-209-9899.  We are happy to help!

 Registration, Inventory and Earnings

  • Sellers pay a registration fee of $10 to enter up to 400 items and earn a base percentage of 67% of their sales.
  • Sold item check In appointments will be posted approximately two weeks before seller check-in day.
  • Seller payments are uploaded to PayPal 10-14 days from the last day of shopper pick up.

What can I sell?

  • Kids clothing, outerwear, shoes, and accessories
  • Games/Puzzles/Arts & Crafts
  • Boutique clothing
  • Bedding
  • Maternity clothing and accessories
  • Teen clothing (limited to specific brands)
  • Toys, Toys, Toys
  • Outdoor Toys, playsets, etc.
  • Infant equipment
  • Kid room & Home décor *must list dimensions
  • Furniture
  • Women’s Athleisure /Outerwear and purses (newer styles only)
  • Outdoor Living Décor
  • Books for all ages
  • Kitchenware / Home
  • and more.


What is KidStuff Virtual Sale?

KidStuff Virtual Sales are consignment sales that take place online – selling and shopping from the comfort of your home.  Sellers enter items along with a photograph – and KidStuff Sale takes it from there!  Shoppers purchase from our online storefront and pickup purchases curbside.  We offer families the ability to buy quality items at a discounted rate and the chance to earn extra income!

When is the next virtual sale?

Visit our website for information regarding our upcoming sale dates and seller check-in and shopper pick-up locations.


How do I become a virtual sale seller?

Click here to register.  There is a $10 registration fee to access the online item entry system.  Sellers choose a check-in time to drop off SOLD items after the online sale.  Sellers earn 67%-75% by helping with the sale.  PayPal deposits are sent directly to sellers 10-14 days from shopper pickup. Super easy and FUN!

Why can participating in the KidStuff Virtual Sale better than online seller directly?

We do most of the work for you! You just enter your items online and bring only the items that sell to the venue location. We handle all of the marketing and advertising, and collecting payment.  No meet ups, no pesky negotiations, no porch pick ups and no shows.  You benefit from our existing customer base of eager shoppers. Our shoppers are looking for quality used items and are willing to pay a reasonable amount for them.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee helps offset the costs associated with space rental and event marketing. We publicize our sale through direct mail distribution, web campaigns, email blasts, text alert programs, sponsorships, advertising and public relations. Your registration fee goes towards these efforts.

When do I get paid?

We typically pay our sellers within approx. 10-14 days of the close of the sale via PayPal. We also offer paper checks after unclaimed PayPal funds are returned by way of regular mailed to the address on file.

What items are accepted for the virtual sale?

Seasonal clothing and accessories, anything and everything for kids, and much more. Many virtual sales also include home décor, kids décor, housewares, furniture, and women’s clothing and accessory items too!  Sellers will see a complete list once registered and have access to the categories in the item entry system. 

How do I price my items?

A good rule of thumb is to price at 25 – 35% of retail value, depending on the brand and condition of the item. Baby equipment, furniture, and large indoor and outdoor toys sell very well and are in high demand. On the other hand, we typically have an abundance of 0 – 6 mo. sizes, so these must be priced competitively in order to sell.

Price your items to sell. If you value the item at $5.00, price it at $3.50 or $4.00 to ensure it sells before half-price day. Our most successful consignors price to sell and always discount on half-price day.

What is Discount Day?

 The last day of each KidStuff Sale is a 50% discount day. Some events will also have a 25% discount period before the items switch to 50% discount. We do this to increase the sales of remaining items on the last day of the event, meaning fewer items and more money for you to take home! We do give you the option to not discount your items. Simply select No Discount when you enter your item into the system, and your item will remain full price even on our discount day(s). Use the No Discount option sparingly. We recommend only using No Discount when the item is priced competitively and/or is in high demand (in which case it would be sold at full price earlier in the sale).  Most of our Sellers would rather take less profit than none at all.

When do I Check-In my items?

Designated Check-In days are listed on the seller timeline page.

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