Current Work List


Hey there, I think what I would like to do with that section of the homepage is make it general and other words sell in our next sale shop in our next sale or our upcoming sale or something generic that way I can just change the link and it whether it’s virtual or in person it’ll take them to the next sale information. That way I don’t have to keep changing stuff on the homepage let me know your thoughts on that idea.


The text in the boxes on the next section down that’s easy enough to change but the buttons in the wording on the buttons and the graphic with a little girl on the computer I think if we can make those more general but let’s talk about it I wanna know where I am on my hours regarding the pending items we still have and the bill that I received. Just so I know where I stand. Thank you

Home Page Work :

1. Contest page is not connected properly

layout/section update for why sell

train suzette on removing & replacing section : put instructions

send canva image

Sell Page Work :

layout/section update for how sell, selling at in person, register to sell (in person)

update headings and colors throughout

change menu to how : in person & virtual and the just register links in menu direct to in person and virtual

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


Completed Work Log


  • Completed organization and layout of sell section, split into 3 pages for faster load times

7/19/21 :  Completed organization and layout of in person seller scoop

7/10/21 : 

Installed wp developer codes

  • Built employee application form
  • Theme & font defaults have been updated and applied.
  • Images created for your site.
  • Home page mostly completely reformatted.
  • All of the heavy, back end reformatting and reorganizing is almost done!  Just need to fix up the scoop organizations now.

7/9/21 : 

  • training and planning phone call to update priorities
  • create work page to begin build
  • discuss work application needs and build requirements

6/19/21 : 

  • I’ve finished reworking the page layouts and menu flow for all 3 of the main public drop down options, but I have not reworks anything under seller section yet
  • Not all of the design elements and dates are updated yet, And the menu is organized but design will be reworked more still now that all the main pages are laid in.
  • I did a little back end organization over this weekend.  I renamed all pages that were not being used recently to being with a “zz”, and the ones that were just used but moved to a different format are labeled with a single “z”.  When you click on PAGES now in wordpress, all of the pages that are actually currently on your website are on the first page of your pages.  If you want to go through and weed out old content, that will be super easy to do now
  • The entire site organization has come a long way over the past few days.  I have consolidated all of the different preliminary info from your old pages and updated many of the design layouts. 

6/18/21 :  

  • Menu and page restructuring has begun. It’s not the most pretty at the moment but all of you info is currently there and I will be working on finishing the layout restructure tomorrow.
  • The sell page is now pretty consistent and moves throughout a single page with links anchored.

6/15/21 :

  • Planning and research to create new site map

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