Valet Check-In

Sweet!  Keep the little one in the car as you VALET Check-In your items for KidStuff Sale.

How? Be a DONATE all seller.   Simply choose to be a Donate all seller and select Donate while entering your tag information online.  Sign up for our VALET Check-In times – Drive up, WE unload then floor your items, and you are off to enjoy the rest of your day!

What if you don’t want to donate a specific unsold item – no problem.  Simply stop by and pick up your item during seller pick up time.

VALET Check In service can also offered as an incentive to our high sell-through sellers.  Registered sellers watch your email for details!



How It Works

  1. Register as a Seller.
  2. Select the Donate option when entering your items.
  3. Print your barcode tags.
  4. Sign up to be an VALET  Check-In seller – by securing a VALET Check-In appointment in the online MyCM tagging system.
  5. Bring your items to your VALET  Check-In appointment in labeled, disposable boxes. We will place your items on the sales floor.
  6. Your earnings will be directly deposited to your PayPal account, or KidStuff will mail you a check at the end of the PayPal waiting period. Use the Unsold Item Report for tax donation detail.


Valet Check-In Preparation Guidelines/Requirements

  • Deliver your items in disposable boxes or containers. You will not be receiving these back.
  • Sort and pack similar items together according to item category. Label each box accordingly. Detailed instructions will be emailed each season. 
  • Ensure all items are to sale standards. KidStuff reserves the right to not place items that don’t pass inspection on the sale floor. These non sellable items will negatively affect your sell-through rate.
  • Clothing must be sorted by gender and size sorted. Once sorted, bundle clothing together BY SIZE with a RUBBER BAND.
  • Hanging clothing may be placed in boxes or new garbage or dry cleaning bags. Label each container accordingly.

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