Excitement of Shopping Consignment

The prepping and preparing and sorting and tagging is over! It’s time to SHOP KidStuff Sale. As a consignor, a volunteer, both, or simply just a shopper, all the hard work of getting the sale set up and ready is over, and the shopping begins! This week, pre-sale shopping is going on for consignors Thursday all day. The official KidStuff East Louisville Shopping Sale is

Friday, September 26

Saturday, September 27

Sunday, September 28

It’s such an exciting time to shop the KidStuff consignment sale! It’s a unique experience in that the East Louisville venue is huge and do you even know how extravagant the inventory is??!! Hundreds, I mean literally hundreds of children’s items await you. Infant and toddler toys line the shelves. Infant equipment, cribs, furniture, room décor, changing tables, strollers, you name it, it is there. The KidStuff Sale is a prime way for you to shop for your new baby, your three-year-old’s upcoming fall and winter wardrobe (and plan for next year as well and get it done and out of the way!), or get some new outfits or sports equipment for your older children or teens. We all know how much those tweens love shoes and accessories right?! Find them this weekend!

Remember, if you are a consignor and/or volunteer, shop early TODAY! Get first dibs on items that are marked close to 90% off the retail price of what they would be new in stores. You’re getting good, quality EUC (excellent used condition) apparel because of all the thought and time in inspecting clothes items as they were brought into the sale. So, they are used items, but hardly show any wear! Shopping early allows you to see all of the same items lined up together on the sale floor, and it saves you money. You can price check those sought after toys and get the item you want at the price that fits your budget.

At KidStuff Sale, there is a unique hold area, so when you come to shop you can find the larger items you want and sale staff and volunteers will hold those items for you. They also provide hundreds of IKEA shopping bags, which help you again with your hands free shopping experience. It’s unique and helps you shop easily!

One of the KidStuff volunteers recently posted a picture on the KidStuff Sale Facebook account that she got a whole lot of clothes – all for under $100. You just can’t beat the price, the shopping experience, and the ease of shopping here! Here’s what she had to say: “Talk about a steal! I was able to get all these great clothes for my boys at under $100!!!! Thanks Suzette, all the workers, and volunteers for your hard work. Everything was very organized I was able to find exactly what I needed quickly.”

See you at KidStuff Sale this weekend! Also remember, Sunday is 1/2 off day, so any items that are marked Discount: YES will be 50% off!

Erin, Blogger for KidStuff Sale Team

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