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Welcome to February! Wow! The January virtual far exceeded everyone’s expectations – thank you for adding all your wonderful inventory. We are excited to report many happy shoppers who have said they are excited to participate again.   Now to share some not-so-great news… listed below are returns  that admin fees will be calculated on.  If you would like to claim your returned item – we will offer a 30 minute window on Saturday, Feb. 6th from 1pm – 1:30pm at the Triple Crown Pavilion.   Unclaimed items will be donated that afternoon.    We cannot make arrangements outside of this window – thanks for understanding.

Shopper Returns Barcode
Poor/ Unacceptable condition 1207-2090-50.00-1
pilly 1045-2644-3.00-1
hole 1133-3567-4.00-1
shrunk 1171-4450-4.00-1
stain 1172-4759-3.50-1
stain, pilling 1247-2973-7.00-1
broke cd player 1247-3323-7.00-1
stains 1366-4172-3.00-1
wrong shirt 1396-929-5.00-1
Bad condition, flaking and cracked 1576-2545-5.00-1
missing 1606-2989-3.50-1
hole 2058-1003-5.00-1
tear on dress buttons dangling 2103-1175-4.00-1
stains 2184-2775-3.00-1
Stain on sleeve 2219-667-12.50-0
dated / poor condition 2378-608-7.00-1
broke 2388-402-25-00-1
elastic is streched out 2799-1232-3.50-0
stain 2882-774-3.00-1
stain 3067-651-4.00-1
wrong size noted on store 3067-827-3.00-1
stain on sleeve 3274-188-6.00-1
wrong shirt 3291-33-6.00-1
dated / poor condition 3298-164-4.00-1
missing shoe inserts 3345-136-3.00-1
old & stains 3397-255-5.00-1
Broken, Stained, Not Acceptable- 1186-5596-15.00-1
Wrong garment attached 1396-929-5.00-1
seller attached wrong item to tag 1441-2147-3.50-1
stained 1700-1098-4.00-1
seller attached wrong item to tag 1795-855-10.00-0
stained 1907-642-3.00-1
Bed frame broken 2388-402-25.00-1
stained 2576-1349-3.50-1
canister tops come off when turned 2679-122-10.00-1
wrong description / tag mix up? 2834-2293-5.00-1
stained 3263-83-7.00-0
ripped 3274-177-4.50-1
stained 3286-400-4.00-1
wrong description / tag mix up? 3291-33-6.00-1
shoes NOT NIB 3292-223-14.00-0
stained 3366-117-4.00-1
stains 3397-291-6.00-1


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