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Hello KidStuff Moms! Welcome to the new blog for KidStuff Sale at We’ll be periodically posting on the new website to keep you informed of consignment sale news, both in general and specifically for our own KidStuff Sale.

It’s summertime now, really! With it being July, summer is on full strong in Louisville. The first Fall 2014 sale  will be here before you know it. Something I have been working on is going through toys a little bit every day. Since I stay home with my kids and work from home, I have the ability to do this and it’s something that I recommend doing 15 minutes a day. Even if you’re a working mom, you can commit to 15 minutes a day! In my situation, I have to. I live in a smaller home space with no basement, so I have been feeling the clutter build! I have transformed the closet in my younger child’s room into my toy storage space. I use the very back of the clothes rack to hang my fall and winter clothes that he has outgrown. I have to get creative around here! For now, this works for me because he is only 2 and doesn’t really have a need for a lot of stuff in his closet!

I’ve also started looking for items that I need for consigning and stocking up, looking for hangers on sale, or heading to my local dry cleaner to see if they have any they are willing to donate to me or sell very cheaply. I have stocked up on my safety pins too! Look for cardstock now for printing your tags-when it’s on sale; doing these things now when you’re not in the middle of consignment sale countdown will help you a lot!

Until next time, get organized and think about what works for you!

Have a happy summer week!

Erin, contributing blogger KidStuff Sale Team

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