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It’s 2015. A fresh year brings with it brand NEW new year’s resolutions! Is one of yours to de-clutter, clean up your house and belongings, and make some fresh space in your home? Now is your chance to do so. Use the upcoming January East Louisville sale to help you do that!

De-cluttering, becoming more “minimalist”, etc. These are buzz words this year. Here are some things I’ve been learning as I go through a study on this topic:

Go through things for 5 minutes a day.

Give away or box up to sell one item each day.

Fill one trash bag with items to sell, donate, or trash.

Hang clothes opposite way in closets; if they are not turned after a certain point, you know they are no longer worn.

Make lists and stick to them.

Take the popular 12-12-12 challenge: Gather 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate (at KidStuff Sale you can always opt to have all your items donated after the sale is over!), 12 items to return to their initial home where they belong.

Change your perspective of how you see your home and belongings for each family member.

Use a strategy of numbers to help you de-clutter: my children only need 25 toys, we each only need 50 items of clothing, etc.

4 Box Method: Label 4 boxes: trash, give away (sell at KidStuff in this case), keep, relocate. Put the boxes in each room of your house. Have kids get involved in the process and really go over every item in the room to determine which box it should be placed in.

The above are adaptations from

An easy way to de-clutter your home and most rooms in your house is to get rid of it! Get rid of the old toys, infant equipment, games, books, outgrown clothes, unwatched DVDs sitting there collecting dust. ETC! Your old KidStuff is someone’s new kids’ stuff! It’s easy and simple. Go to the website to learn more about how to register for this early spring sale happening at the end of January.

Earn some extra money for your family’s needs while coming through on your top new year’s resolution – to DE-CLUTTER! And make yourself happy, along with the new parents who will find your KidStuff at the sale and make a new home for it. It’s a great cycle oF reusing and regenerating use out of something that has outgrown its use in your hands, but can be of value to the next family or person. Take advantage of this early spring sale: NEW THIS YEAR! – sell some winter clothing as well. See the website for more details.

~Erin, KidStuff Sale Contributing Blogger

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