zzHome Decor FAQs

What is the Consign Home Décor Sale?
This event is a fabulous opportunity to sell unwanted Home Decor items without having a yard sale, placing ads in the newspaper and/ or strangers coming into your home. You determine the asking price, prepare your items, drop off at the beginning of the sale, then return at the end of the sale to pick up your unsold items, and get your check. You will receive 65% of your sales!

When is the next sale?
Visit our home page of the website for information regarding our upcoming sale dates and locations.

How do I become a seller?
Register for a seller number by following the registration instructions on the website. You will then receive detailed step by step directions to help you every step of the way. It’s easy!

When do I get paid?
You will get paid by check on the last day of the sale. Your earnings will be 65% of your sales minus registration fee of $12.

What items are accepted and will all my items be displayed?
Yes, decorators will be on hand to stage your items creating vignettes which will include furniture, prints, art work, vases, rugs, lamps, accent tables & chairs, decorative bowls, platters, mirrors, frames, bedding, window treatments, outdoor furniture, and knick knacks, etc. Decor items can be for any room of the house. Seasonal decorations are also welcome. Items will be inspected to ensure that they are in excellent condition and of current style! We also encourage vintage, antique and collectibles. If you have a specific question about whether or not something would be accepted please contact us.

Are there items that you don’t accept?
We do not accept computers, printers, fax machines, etc… house wares or small appliances are accepted on a limited bases and must be in excellent condition. Thank you for understanding. Also Damaged or defective items will be removed from the sale.

Does it cost extra to have the decorator stage my items?
No it is a service we provide for our consigners.

How do I price my items? 
Price your items to sell. If you value the item at $10 price it at $8 or $9 to ensure it sells before discount day. Our most successful seller’s price to sell and always discount toward the end of the event.  You can list two level of mark down – for example: An item might be $50 full price for the first days of the event, then $40 then $35.  You can hand fill your discount pricing on the bottom left of the tag.  If the item is price right to begin with it will be gone by discount day.  You do not have to discount your items.  It is completely up to you.


Would it be helpful to have the original box or receipt?
We certainly do not need either of items to sell your décor, however if you have them it will help! It is good for people to see what you paid for the item, and having the original packing gives the impression that the item has been treasured and well taken care of.

What is Discount Day?
We host a discount sale at the end of each seasonal event. We do this to increase sales of remaining items on the last day of the event – less for you to take home! We do, however, give you the option to NOT DISCOUNT your items. It is up to you.

Can I discount my larger items slightly on Discount Day without marking them down 50%?
Yes! You would inform us of the lowest price you would be willing to take when you drop off the item.

When do I drop off my items?
Designated drop-off days are listed on the on the website.

What if I have larger items that I can not bring to the sale?
We partner with local movers to provide a cost efficient option to getting your items to the event. Email us and we will start a process to provide you a mover referral.

When do I pick up my items that don’t sell?
Designated pick-up hours will be at the end of the last day of that sale. You will select a pick up time when you drop off your items. Or you can choose to donate any of your unsold items on the last day of the sale.

What happens to my items if I don’t pick them up?
Unsold items that are not claimed at pick-up will be donated to charity.

What types of payments are acceptable to purchase items?
We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We accept checks from our consignors.

Why is participating in the Consign Home Decor Sale better than having a garage sale?
We do most of the work for you! You just prepare your items and bring them to the sale location. We handle all of the marketing and advertising – you benefit from our existing customer base of eager shoppers. You just pick up your unsold items and your proceeds. And, no pesky negotiations! Our shoppers are looking for quality used items and are willing to pay a reasonable amount for them.


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