zzHow to Price Your Items

The secret to great sell-thru: Price your items to sell

A good rule of thumb is to price items at 25–35% of the original retail value, depending on the brand and condition of the item. If you’re struggling to price an item, ask yourself what you’d pay for it if you were a shopper. For example, if you value the item at $5, price it at $3.50 or $4 to ensure it sells before Discount Day

Our most successful sellers always discount on Discount Day. You don’t want to carry home arm loads of unsold garments!

Everyone has lots of clothes to sell. In order to make money with your clothing items, you must price competitively. Only ask 1/3rd–1/4th of the retail price.

  • If an item was hardly worn, still has tags, or is a specialty item, consider pricing at 1/3rd of the retail price.
  • If an item was gifted and you aren’t sure of the retail price, compare it to prices of similar items currently online or in stores.

Baby equipment, furniture, and large indoor and outdoor toys sell well and are in high demand. We have an abundance of newborn to 6-month sizes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell.

What is Discount Day?

We host a half-price sale day during each sale event to increase the sale of remaining items on the last day of the event. This means even less for you to take home! We do, however, give you the option to mark No Discount on your items. It’s all up to you!

Tip: Use No Discount tags sparingly. The only time No Discount should be used is when the item is unique, in high demand, or of high quality.

Most of our consignors would rather take less profit than none at all. They’d also rather not bring home boxes of unsold clothing and accessories. What is typically leftover at the end of the sale are clothes that are overpriced, marked No Discount, or both! (For example, worn Walmart blanket sleepers will not sell for $5 when you can easily purchase a new one for $6-7.)

KidStuff Sale shoppers expect quality items at bargain prices; KidStuff Sale sellers make the most money when they price to sell and take little to nothing home. It’s a win–win!

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