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How long have you been consigning with KidStuff Sale?

Almost 10 years. I started as a [team partner] when my oldest was an infant, then the natural progression was to sell. He will be 11 in October.

What’s your favorite thing about KidStuff Sale?

I love meeting new people and sharing in their excitement of the deals they find. I truly love working with this group of ladies. Everyone involved has the best attitude and works so hard to make those long days entertaining while working toward making sure each sale is better than the one before.

What’s been your best find/steal at KidStuff Sale?

I wish I could remember. It’s been so many years and countless sales full of great deals!

Tell us about your family!

My husband, Andrew, and I have been married for 11 years. We have two boys: Avery (10) and Asher (5). Yes, we all have “A” names. 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family?

With two boys who play baseball,  we spend a lot of time at the ballpark. When not there, we’re homebodies. We try to give the boys as much downtime as possible, so that means hanging out at home playing board games or letting them play outside with friends.

What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love watching them develop. Seeing them finally grasp something they’ve been struggling with is amazing. I love hearing what they think they will be when they grow up. Avery is my compassionate leader. Right now, he wants to be a baseball player. He wears #2 in honor of Derek Jeter. As far as compassion and leadership, I see similarities. It’s too early to tell how the baseball will pan out. 🙂

When you’re not on mom duty, what do you like to do?

It’s rare to have kid-free time, but I like to get a giant Starbucks beverage and wander around Target for a few hours. I love to read, but time for that is like seeing a unicorn.

What’s something about you that someone may not know?

I grew up outside of New Orleans and rode my horse in the Mardi Gras parades when I was young.

What advice do you have for moms looking to consign with and/or shop KidStuff Sale for the first time?

If you’re unsure, [team partner] first. Get your feet wet and get a feel for how it all works. It can be overwhelming! There are so many pointers for selling,  but my main one would be: When pricing, think about whether or not you would pay that dollar amount for that item. We all want to make lots of money, but we want to sell everything, too!

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