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Happy KidStuffing time, parents! Are you consigning with us this fall at our Oldham, East Louisville, or Southern Indiana sales? The Oldham County sale will be here before we know it! It’s less than a month away now.

One tip I have for you this week is to look around the stores at sales. Now that school has started, school supply shopping has dropped, and that might mean that stores have lowered their prices on items that YOU could use for your consignment process. I’m going to go out this week and look for a sale price on cardstock paper. Remember, KidStuff prefers that you use WHITE cardstock. Other items you can use that you might find on sale: markers, safety pins, printer ink cartridges, etc. Insider tip: a fellow mom told me that you can check Highland Cleaners for wire hangers-they sometimes have them sitting by the door to take for free.

More tips: do a big wash of all your children’s clothes that you plan to sell. Fluff them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet. Pull them out of the dryer and immediately hang them. Getting your clothes already hung will save a lot of time (from past experience). One thing I have grown to love to use on the tagging system on the website is the Power Tagger. Unless you really want to put in a description of every item, especially clothes, I love the Power Tagger because I generate 10-20 tags of the same price, and I just write in the size later. It’s really simple and easy to do, and saves me valuable time spent at my laptop trying to come up with a description for every clothing item. It’s time I simply don’t have anymore as a WAHM.

Remember, here are the upcoming dates for the KidStuff Fall Sales

Oldham County – September 11

East Louisville – September 26

Southern Indiana – October 23

Look for my next blog post, which will be my Top 10 Things I’ve Learned As A KidStuff Consignor.

Have a happy KidStuff prep week!

Erin, contributing blogger, KidStuff Sale Team

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