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Greetings!  Here are all the details regarding the 1st 600 Seller Launch Party on Sept 14th!  If you are a seller with inventory and registered before July 20, 2021, at 8:21 am YOU are invited to the Launch Party!

  • The first 600 registered sellers SHOP KidStuff Sale starting at 6 pm on September 14th.
  • You are welcome to bring a plus ONE – your mom, sister, hubby, or shopping buddy, etc.
  • There will be NO children during the Launch Party event for…so…many…reasons….(unless in an infant carrier) Thanks for your understanding and support.
  • The ALL seller presale is Wednesday, Sept 15th starting at 9 am – attend on the 15th if you can’t make it Tuesday the 14th.
  • If you MUST shop with a child, plan to shop AFTER 3 pm on the 15th at which time one little may attend (as your plus one)  and must be in a stroller or wagon.
  • There will be lines on the 14th – bring your shopping list and your patience:)
  • If lines are a concern, please attend at a less busy time *we suggest the afternoon of the 15th or mid-day on the 17th.
  • There will be music at the Launch Party!
  • There will be prizes at the Launch Party!
  • You will find great deals during the Launch Party!
  • We are offering exciting Silver / Gold and Platinum shopping opportunities too! See the graphic below – space is limited – tickets secured through the form link.
  • First 600 sellers please complete this form in order for the KidStuff Sale team to be best prepared for your level of participation and to send you your ticket link! 

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