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Live Sale | March 2021

Winner of 100% of personal sales

In celebration of our 100th sale – we held a special drawing for one lucky seller to win 100% of their sales – the winner is Beth Shoemaker! Congratulations Beth! Thank you for allowing up the privilege of selling your KidStuff!

Standard Check-In

Standard Check-In appointments for late Monday night and all day Tuesday.  After you drive and drop as indicated below, you park and come in the venue to check in.  Then place boxes in the correct area of the sale floor, basket shoes by size, hang rubber banded clothing by size and bin books by type.  Take as many boxes with you as possible.  🙂 Enjoy a sneak peek at all the goodies! Ha!  We’d ask that you leave littles at home during this process if at all possible.  Thanks for understanding.

Seller Guest Tickets

Hi! Do you have a friend with littles who would love to shop KidStuff Sale before the public? Here is the ticket link to open and forward to them via email.  Once you guest completes the form they will receive a pass to shop Thursday, March 11th at 2pm!  Again, this link is for them to complete – you simply forward it to them via email or text. This online ticket form will help us to stay within the venue limits –  one guest ticket per seller – seller does not need to accompany guest. 🙂  SELLER GUEST TICKET LINK

Valet Check-In

Sellers participating in Valet Check-In on Monday (Sell through incentive sellers and seller who have marked their inventory discount/donate) please reference this map for when you arrive at the venue.  We will use the same process as last Sept. Stop #1 Infant Equipment and general boxed items. Stop #2 Other larger toys / furniture items with LARGE tags  Stop #3 clothing.  Please make sure you boxed are #’d correctly – thanks so much!   We are excited to see you tomorrow!

1. New Page 2. Tagging Videos 3.Shifts 4. Presale Passes

  1. Check out this NEW page on our website – all the seller scoop in ONE place! Item prep guidelines AND a link for all the email/blog posts specific to the upcoming sale.
  2. Still prepping your items?  Don’t miss the Tagging Tip videos to help you best prepare your KidStuff: KidStuff Tagging Tips
  3. Pay less and Shop Earlier! How you ask…?  Login and grab a shift to help us run the sale! Enjoy consignment commission savings and an early shopping bonus!  Here are the details:
  • KidStuff Sale sellers receive a 67% payout & a special seller presale March 10th @ 3:30 pm
  • Partner with the Team any one (1) shift for a 70% payout and shop: March 10th @ 1:30 p.m.
  • Partner with the Team any two (2) shifts for a 75% payout & shop: March 10th @ 1:00 p.m.
  • Partner with the Team any three (3) shifts for a 75% payout & shop: March 10th @ 12:30 p.m.
  • Partner with the Team any four (4)  shifts for a 80% payout & shop: March 10th@ 12:00 p.m.
  • Approved Area Leads Partner with the Team five (5) shifts for a 85% payout & shop: March 10th @ 11:00 a.m. *contact if you’d like a 5th shift
  • CLICK HERE TO LOGIN TO YOUR SELLER HOME PAGE AND GRAB A SHIFT –  Deadline to secure a shift is Sat. March 6th at 12pm.

4. Presale Passes – here is the link for presale passes – choose your pass based on the # of shifts CLICK FOR ACCESS TO PRESALE PASSES

5. Seller Guest passes for Thursday starting at 2pm will be available tomorrow – I will send you a link to forward to your guest to complete.


Tagging Tips Videos – Restock Information

Happy Saturday!  This is a busy tagging weekend – DON’T STRESS – you’ll get it done.  Focus on larger items and toys first – quick to tag and make a huge impact on the clutter in your home.  Then move to highly season clothing items – swimsuits, summer clothing, etc.   The initial deadline to enter is Sunday night at 11pm – here is the timeline pdf link for your reference:  Timeline TPC March Sale

Regarding restock: The system will reopen for sellers who would like to register ($2) as a restock seller – restock items are floored later in the sale – these items sell very well as the sale floor has thinned out some.  We will do our best to sync the sale data daily as items are added so sellers are able to see their restock item in view settlement. Restockers are be sellers who were unable to get their items into the system this weekend or sellers who find additional items around the house that they would like to add.  We hope to provide every opportunity for you to add items you want to sell. 🙂

If you find the restock option confusing DON’T WORRY Just keep tagging!  We will explain along the way. 🙂   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read your email daily from today through March 15th so we are all on the same page.  🙂

Here are a few videos to help you best prepare your KidStuff: KidStuff Tagging Tips

Valet and Standard CheckIn

Please take a moment to locate and review the Check-In button (or scroll down to that section) on the Seller Information Page before you select a check-in time.  Sellers with Valet check-ins times must be discount/donate all sellers with all items marked YES to discount and donate OR have earned valet check-in as a result of 85% or higher sell through rate from the September 2020 sale.  If you’ve chosen a valet time and do not fit in either of these categories, please login and choose a standard time.  The sellers listed below had 85% or higher sell through Sept 2020.

Check-In appointments listed for Sunday, March 7th are for our Tagging Service Taggers ONLY – if you accidentally chose one of those spots – please login and choose another spot.  We will continue to add an additional 100+ appointment times over the weekend – if you can’t find a time that works for you check back.   The deadline to choose a check-in time as well as a partner shift will be extended to Wednesday, March 3rd at 9pm.

Sellers with 85% or higher sell through Sept. 2020

Last Name Seller Number
Murphy 1020
Gordon 1023
Cannon 1024
Wilson 1026
Davis 1030
Middleton 1034
Elliott 1036
Goodman 1039
Clark 1043
Fromholt 1048
Wantland 1056
Sears 1070
Warren 1072
MacKenzie 1080
Essex 1090
Bright 1103
Ricks 1105
Kreutzer 1106
elder 1108
Corley 1114
Henon 1129
Devore 1133
Witsell 1137
Mertens 1142
hammond 1143
Krall 1159
Warrick 1162
Evans 1166
Yates 1167
Burton 1168
Kelly 1177
McCrocklin 1183
Sappenfield 1200
bird 1204
Branham 1221
Burchett 1222
zoeller 1225
Sanders 1226
Cissell 1231
Lawrence 1233
Simpson 1243
Green 1249
Battcher 1251
Tibone 1276
McEldowney 1277
Wilson 1278
Holder 1281
Wardlaw 1306
Wall 1307
Richey 1309
Gardner 1314
Bottger 1318
Jett 1325
Bentley 1333
Nichols 1335
Canada 1340
Bulleit 1344
Kane 1351
Mauk 1369
Shoemaker 1372
Swan 1375
Havlin 1377
McNutt 1378
cotton 1385
Edwards 1387
Gerber 1428
Banet 1457
Friday 1464
Boyd 1466
ray 1480
Wynne 1484
Rakes 1512
Swanson 1515
frederick 1539
Reilly 1556
Lawrence 1574
Stivers 1598
Friedmeyer 1632
Mitzel 1633
Pearcy 1651
Coates 1669
Robbins 1679
Watts 1686
Sumner 1689
murphy 1697
Parnell 1734
Charlet 1746
Hixon 1762
Moses 1809
Bagshaw 1818
Vowels 1838
Johnson 1842
Jeffries 1865
Jump 1874
Johnson 1878
Black 1885
Reams 1902
Foster 1926
Hayes 1930
Baker 1935
Alley 1940
Gilmore 1941
Grizzle 1957
Russell 1965
Williams 1986
Hennessey 2006
Barnett 2009
Coop 2013
Fussenegger 2018
Scott 2023
Razavi 2036
Watts 2091
Barnett 2094
Mattingly 2098
Holder 2108
Shireman 2144
Daniels 2157
Duggins 2173
Barrera 2203
Singleton 2247
DePersia 2253
Vail 2267
Dennis 2412
Robinette 2417
Logsdon 2420
Morris 2435
Hess 2448
Thomas 2461
Evans 2466
Green 2500
Love 2531
Gripp 2562
Flucke 2606
Dunn 2620
Redmon 2628
Napper 2632
Michels 2636
Coburn 2637
Butler 2643
Brown 2647
Kenny 2670
Pittenger 2717
Charlet 2729
Walters 2731
Thompson 2759
Turley 2765
Pack 2789
Yost 2801
anderson 2809
Griffith 2818
Hancock 2824
Eberenz 2829
Durham 2889
Connors 2905
Sabelhaus 2911
Mudd 2914
Ellison 2924
Kettler 2938
Ward 2955
Rosati 2975
Eichelhardt 2995
Wilkinson 2999
Rapier 3003
Rhodes 3041
Malloy 3057
Cox 3060
Green 3090
Jones 3093
Vaughn 3140
Nelson 3160
Yates 3186
Salisbury 3230

Sale Timeline March 2021

Good morning and welcome to our newly registered sellers! 🙂  I’ve attached a link to the sale timeline for your review: Timeline TPC March Sale

  • Additional check-in times will be added to the system by tomorrow afternoon – no worries, we will work everyone in.
  • See our earlier post regarding shifts – helping is optional be we’d love to plug you in if you are interested.
  • Email Amy if you have questions or need help.  You can also text me on 502-290-9899
  • Visit the Seller Info and Update page of our website for item prep details. Password: sellmarch100
  • Be sure to share all our contests with friends and family – it is going to be a great sale with tons of giveaways:) Here is the link to our email blast listing the giveaways!

Happy Tagging!

PRESALE 🙂 Wed., March 10th

Happy Monday!  If you would like to help with the sale, reduce your selling commission and shop early – we would LOVE for you to join us! Here is the website page link with information for the March sale.   If you decide to join us – login to the tagging area of the website and choose your shifts.   THEN use this ticket link to secure your QR code presale pass! 🙂  If you are able to commit to up to 5 shifts and are interesting in joining our Area Lead team (see the details on this page) email us at and we will do our best to plug you in to your area of interest – such as merchandising items, organizing displays, running a scanning station, and more.  Sellers who join us as an Area Lead pay the lowest selling commission and have additional early shopping perks.  We are SO thankful for our team partners and area leads – we couldn’t run the sale without you! 🙂     **Link to the Private Seller Info and Update Page – use password: sellmarch100


Feb 12 message from Suzette

Hello – when time allows, please listen to this audio message,

  Then locate the REGISTERED SELLERS PAGE aka Seller Info and Update page and bookmark this page.  Access the first time using password: sellmarch100  once you login the password should hold.  If you have trouble accessing the page please email and Amy will message you back.   TGIF & Happy Tagging!  

Seller Info and Update Page

Hi.  We are now using a new page for SELLER tagging instructions and sale updates in the form of blog posts for easier repeat access.  You will receive an email whenever we *post an update relating to the March sale – you can read the email or access the page and review blog posts when time allows.   To access the page and update posts – please locate the REGISTERED SELLERS PAGE link under the SELL LIVE website tab – use the password: sellmarch100 for access and bookmark this page for future reference.  If you have trouble accessing the page please email

Happy Tagging!

Welcome to the Seller Info & Update Page

Welcome to KidStuff Sale seller information and event update page.  All pertinent information and updates as we prepare for the sale will be listed here.

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