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Important Dates & Times

Item Entry Deadline FEB 9 @ 10pm
Item Entry Deadline: Restock Feb 13 @ 10pm
All Seller presale Feb 16 @ 9am
Presale day Feb 16
Public Sale Feb 17-19
Sale Restock Feb 16 -18
1/2 Price Seller Presale Feb 19 @ 9am
 1/2 Price Public Sale Feb 19 @ 10am

Don’t Forget!

Select a check-in appointment! Review the Standard and Valet options before selecting a time.

Latest News from KidStuff Sale!

November Event Deadline and Retail Timeline

Hello! Our November events will be different from our past Virtual or In Person sales.  The sellers many enter anything and everything as in the past.  Virtual shopper purchase pick up will be inside the Triple Crown Pavilion venue DURING the Holiday In Person Sale. ...

Preparing for Check-In

Check in day is right around the corner! Here are the detailed instructions on how to bag your items for the easiest check-in possible!

KidStuff Sale Seller Stats

Sellers pay a registration fee of $15 to enter up to 300 items – 200 hanging clothing.

Sellers earn 67% of their sales.

Check In appointments will be posted approximately two weeks before item check-in and are filled first come, first served.

Seller payments are uploaded to PayPal 10-14 days from the last day of shopper pick up.

Checking In Your Items

Preparing for Check In

Make sure your non-clothing items are in disposable containers or ones you do not expect to get back (i.e. larger paper or plastic shopping bags, please reserve boxes for fragile items and heavy items such as books, etc.) and number accordingly:

  1. Shoes, Back Packs, Purses
  2. Kids accessories, belts, underwear, socks, training pants
  3. Winter Hats, Mittens, Hair Accessories, Gloves
  4. Sheets, Blankets, Pottery Barn Bedding, Room Décor, Room Accessories
  5. Infant Goods / Gear: Feeding, Infant Blankets, Home Safety, Crib Accessories, Car Seat Accessories, Onesies, Sleepers, Diaper Bags 
  6. Toys 
  7. Electronics, DVD, CD, Etc.
  8. Sporting Goods (sports/ training pants should be grouped with clothing, cleats should be grouped with shoes)
  9. Puzzles, Games, Crafts
  10. Books
  11. Halloween / Easter Items / Summer pool toys/life jackets

Clothing is to be bundled by size and gender with a rubber band; recommend ~25 items per bundle.

Although most drop-off locations have a covered drop-off, you can cover the bundles with garbage bags if it is raining. However, bags do not take the place of rubber band requirement.



Standard Check-In Procedure

Sellers place non-clothing items in the designated areas based on the numbering system (#1-11) and hang your clothes by size & gender.

Arrive at the venue at your selected check-in appointment time. Unload items packaged #1- #7 into the lobby. Drive around to back door to check-in items #8 as well are large toy items and furniture.  Then proceed to garage door to unload clothing and items packaged #9- #11.

Once unloaded, park your car, return to the venue to complete check-in. Place #’d packages in designated areas. Lastly, unload and put away your clothing, books and shoes.

While we do have rolling racks and carts, we cannot guarantee they will be available so we recommend you bring your own device to carry your items.

Clothing will be placed on the racks in the correct section by gender & size STILL IN GROUPS WITH THE RUBBER BANDS ON THE HANGERS. This is very important as it helps to facilitate our inspection process.

When you are done putting items in appropriate areas, you will check-in at the table by the entrance. Make sure you have electronically signed your seller agreement.

Valet Check-In Procedure

There are two ways to take advantage of the Valet Drop-off:
 1. Mark ALL items DONATE to get this service for FREE
2. Earn this service for FREE through a high sell-through rate in the previous sale.

Please arrive at the venue at your selected check-in appointment time. You do not need to get out of the car – you will pull up to the venue entrance where we will unload your car and then we will place all your items on the sales floor for you!

You MUST bundle your clothes by size and gender with a rubber band. 

Write the category #, contents and your seller # on the outside of each box/bag. Items are inspected as they are placed on the sale floor – it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure all KidStuff Sale standards are met or items will not be put out for sale.

Picking Up Unsold Items (Optional)

How to Pick Up Unsold Items

All the hard work is done and, hopefully, you’ve sold almost all your inventory! So, what about items that didn’t sell?

If you selected “DONATE”, then you are done! The KidStuff Sale team will handle donating your items for you. A donation tax slip will be provided.

If you did not select “DONATE”, but have so little left that you’ve decided you no longer want to pick up your items. Great! Just leave them and any items not picked up will be donated. A donation tax slip will be provided.

If you did not select “DONATE” and want to pick up your items:

  • Schedule your pick-up up appointment time through the link provided one week prior to the scheduled pick up date. The link will be emailed directly to all registered sellers.
  • The night before or morning of pick-up, print your Inventory Report of items in the current sale and the View Settlement Report (lists barcodes that cleared the register). Compare the two to identify the items to pick-up. You can also can run a Unsold Report – this report will be available daily as sales are uploaded and unsold items reconciled as sold.
  • Arrive at your scheduled time and bring your inventory list or report with you.
  • Park and come into the venue; DO NOT leave your car unattended in the loading area! If you have a large item that needs to be picked up, then please claim it and all your other items FIRST. Leave them in the lobby and then bring your car to the loading area.
  • While we do have rolling racks and carts, we cannot guarantee they will be available so we recommend you bring your own device to carry your items. We also recommend bringing boxes to gather your items.
  • Remaining unsold items are still in display order on the sale floor. You will pick up your items from the appropriate display areas.
  • Items with Lost Tags will be on display as well as items that were found to be Unsellable during the inspection process. Inventory descriptions must match in order to claim items with Lost Tags – thanks for understanding.
  • Ask a Pick-up assistant if you need help looking for a particular item.
  • Sign out your inventory with KidStuff Sale team member before leaving.
  • PayPal payments will be sent to your registration email shortly after the end of the sale. See email for details.

As stated in the seller agreement, KidStuff Sale cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen / creatively shopped items. We also cannot hold items after pick-up ends. You are welcome to notify us of items that you cannot locate and we will ask the donation pickup team to check for them when loading.

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