November Event Deadline and Retail Timeline

Hello! Our November events will be different from our past Virtual or In Person sales.  The sellers many enter anything and everything as in the past.  Virtual shopper purchase pick up will be inside the Triple Crown Pavilion venue DURING the Holiday In Person Sale.  The Holiday In Person sale will be a smaller sale – focusing on holiday themed or holiday party clothing, any holiday pajamas – family/matching pjs are welcome, winter coats, accessories and winter boots, TOYS, TOYS, TOYS, books, games, puzzles, infant equipment, outdoor toys – and again TOYS!  At the In Person sale we will also accept re-giftable items for the entire family – that would be new with tag items that can be re-gifted for the holiday.  We will also accept holiday decorations at this sale!  Have fun – look through your home and make extra cash for the season.   Please review the event timeline image for entering deadlines and shopping times or use this link to print a pdf copy for future reference.  Please reach out if you have questions – email us or text 502-209-9899. Be sure to include your full name, seller # and if you are a virtual or in person seller.  Happy Entering!


Preparing for Check-In

Check in day is right around the corner! Here are the detailed instructions on how to bag your items for the easiest check-in possible!

Launch Party & All Seller Presale Info

Launch Party & All Seller Presale Info

Greetings!  Here are all the details regarding the 1st 600 Seller Launch Party on Sept 14th!  If you are a seller with inventory and registered before July 20, 2021, at 8:21 am YOU are invited to the Launch Party!

  • The first 600 registered sellers SHOP KidStuff Sale starting at 6 pm on September 14th.
  • You are welcome to bring a plus ONE – your mom, sister, hubby, or shopping buddy, etc.
  • There will be NO children during the Launch Party event for…so…many…reasons….(unless in an infant carrier) Thanks for your understanding and support.
  • The ALL seller presale is Wednesday, Sept 15th starting at 9 am – attend on the 15th if you can’t make it Tuesday the 14th.
  • If you MUST shop with a child, plan to shop AFTER 3 pm on the 15th at which time one little may attend (as your plus one)  and must be in a stroller or wagon.
  • There will be lines on the 14th – bring your shopping list and your patience:)
  • If lines are a concern, please attend at a less busy time *we suggest the afternoon of the 15th or mid-day on the 17th.
  • There will be music at the Launch Party!
  • There will be prizes at the Launch Party!
  • You will find great deals during the Launch Party!
  • We are offering exciting Silver / Gold and Platinum shopping opportunities too! See the graphic below – space is limited – tickets secured through the form link.
  • First 600 sellers please complete this form in order for the KidStuff Sale team to be best prepared for your level of participation and to send you your ticket link! 

Use Bags vs Boxes for Check-In

Use Bags vs Boxes for Check-In

When gathering your tagged items for check-in day please use bags vs boxes when possible – paper grocery bags, old gift bags, shopping bags, etc. Reserve boxes for fragile items or heavy items such as books and after unloading books, please take box with you.
We plan to reduce the amount of cardboard waste this sale which will also help reduce the amount of time we spend breaking down cardboard boxes and trips to the dumpster. Thanks so much! 🙂

March 2021 Sell Thru Incentive Winners

Wow! The sell through rates in March were amazing! We didn’t have a formal program set for that sale – but I’ve decided to go back and take a peek and add one. The sellers listed below fall in one of two groups:

  • Sellers from the March event sold more than 100 items AND had a item sell through rate of over 89% AND had a dollar sell through rate of over 89%!  Wow – just wow!  This group of sellers sold a crazy high amount of their over all inventory AND at full price! Boom! Don’t think for a minute they priced all their stuff too low – there is a sweet spot and they’ve found it!  Also they rocked item prep, tag attachment, and accurate inventory!
  • Sellers with solid sell through rate WITH a WOWZA average price per item AND a high % of dollar sell through – they entered quality items, priced right and sold at primarily at full price.
  • Note: There are a number of NEW sellers and sellers who used our TagForYou service! Our KidStuff taggers are amazing!!  Sorry, I cannot go back and look up individual sell through information  – thanks for understanding.

These sellers will enjoy the following:

  1. Valet Check-In (which mean they can participate as a valet check-in seller and they do not have to discount or donate their items.  They don’t need to… all their items are are gone at full price.
  2. One Hour Early Shopping – based on the shopping time they choose to participate in for Sept sale – they can arrive one hour earlier.
1018 Carey
1020 Murphy
1026 Wilson
1034 Middleton
1037 Spalding
1039 Goodman
1043 Clark
1044 Funk
1054 Chevalier
1080 MacKenzie
1101 Yates
1103 Bright
1105 Ricks
1121 Faust
1121 Faust
1143 hammond
1167 Yates
1174 Arnold
1175 Nauert
1177 Kelly
1184 Miller
1187 Dawson
1221 Branham
1222 Burchett
1233 Lawrence
1259 Boucher
1296 Hasselbring
1309 Richey
1324 Wolf
1351 Kane
1378 McNutt
1379 Tatum
1407 Pierce
1464 Friday
1484 Wynne
1524 King
1529 Taylor
1539 frederick
1562 Brunner
1563 Campbell
1566 Lococo
1633 Mitzel
1692 Pace
1789 ODwyer
1789 ODwyer
1798 Hinton
1805 Kumler
1838 Vowels
1842 Johnson
1849 Cross
1930 Hayes
1931 Davis
1957 Grizzle
1994 Johnson
2013 Coop
2018 Fussenegger
2120 Pentecost
2121 U’Sellis
2144 Shireman
2173 Duggins
2336 Smith
2446 ONan
2451 Blackburn
2461 Thomas
2500 Green
2635 Wicker
2701 Hall
2730 Reger
2758 Yates
2759 Thompson
2765 Turley
2789 Pack
2801 Yost
2818 Griffith
2905 Connors
2938 Kettler
3187 Lieber
3235 Ingram
3281 Sergeant
3354 Sturgeon
3360 Cooper
3365 Denney
3378 Gida
3410 Frame
3473 Gunter
3497 Sharp
3514 Haag
3541 Higdon
Better than Black Friday

Better than Black Friday

I can’t say enough how much I love KidStuff sale! It is better than black Friday 😂 to me anyways! Emily and I had a blast and filled the car bottom to top literally. We got alllllll you see here plus a car seat and one more bag of stuff. Thank you so much for creating this event years ago and we can’t wait for the next one! Just love these sales so much!  I think I’ve said that already 😂
Rachael Mattingly

Standard Check-In

Standard Check-In appointments for late Monday night and all day Tuesday.  After you drive and drop as indicated below, you park and come in the venue to check in.  Then place boxes in the correct area of the sale floor, basket shoes by size, hang rubber banded clothing by size and bin books by type.  Take as many boxes with you as possible.  🙂 Enjoy a sneak peek at all the goodies! Ha!  We’d ask that you leave littles at home during this process if at all possible.  Thanks for understanding.

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