Pricing Your Items

The secret to great sell-thru: Price your items to SELL!

Everyone has lots to sell so you must price competitively in order to make money with your clothing items, especially infant sizes. Price to sell! Also, clothing will be worth even less the following season – discount your item so you are not carrying it home.

A good rule of thumb is to price items at 25–35% of the original retail value, depending on the brand and condition of the item. If an item was hardly worn, still has tags, or is a specialty item, consider pricing at 30% of the retail price.

  • If you aren’t sure of the retail value, compare it to the prices of similar items currently online or in stores.
  • If you are struggling to price an item, ask yourself what you would pay for it if you were a shopper. For example, if you value the item at $5, price it at $3.50 or $4 to ensure it sells before Discount Day.

Say YES, to discount on your barcode tag – our most successful sellers always discount on Discount Day. If the item is still there at the end of the sale it may be overpriced. You don’t want to carry home armloads of unsold items!

Price right for big earning$!

Sell-Through Rates

KidStuff Sale Team wants each seller to have a high sell-through % rate and make the highest profit for your effort. Tracking this information also indicates to the KidStuff Team the sellers who are pricing, prepping and presenting their gently used items.

The sell-through rate is the number of items sold divided by the number of the item entered into the tagging system. For example, if you ultimately sell 149 items out of the 157 items entered into the barcode system – you’ve achieved a 94.9% sell-through rate (149 / 157 = 94.9%).

This is why it is especially important to remove / exclude off-season items that you are not bringing to the event. Also, remove any barcodes you didn’t end up using before the system locks and your starting inventory is captured.

High sell-through rates can earn you free registration, free express valet check-in, access to shop earlier and early access to registration and team member shifts for the next event!

Ways to maximize your sell-through rate and EARN MORE MONEY:

  • Make sure your inventory is clean and the total # of items meaningful.
  • When transferring items from a previous sale, make sure you intend to sell them in the current sale – do not transfer items that are off-season, you’ve decided to give away or have sold elsewhere. Any item in your current inventory that is not brought to the sale will count against your sell-through rate.
  • Inspect EVERYTHING you bring (clothing, toys, shoes) at home first to ensure they meet KidStuff Sale quality expectations. Unsellable items removed from the floor negatively affect your sell through rate.
  • Make sure toys have working batteries and large equipment has been wiped down. Dirty or non-working items will be pulled from floor and negatively affect your sell through rate.
    Secure your tags to your items. Use packing tape, a hole punch and zip ties to reinforce tags.
  • Use large items tags for equipment or larger items that cannot be carried to the hold area.
  • Use large item tags for items valued at $20 or more.
  • Pin clothing tags through the middle of the tag, with the safety pin going through the clothing twice. Lost tags = lost sales.
  • Use detailed descriptions on your tags to help your tag be “reunited” with the item if they are separated.
  • Price competitively and discount your items!
  • Don’t “price up” to earn a few extra dollars. If a toy typically sells for $5.00 and you price it at $6.50, it may not sell until discount day – then you’ll only earn $3.25 instead of the $5.00 if you had priced it correctly!

Tagging Your Items

Tagging Supplies

Paper & Supplies

  • Cover Stock #67lbs or Higher – We recommend 90lb Card Stock, but no less than 67lb Cover Stock, weight paper for printing your tags since you want something that’s going to hold up to the wear and tear of people browsing through the clothing. Tags printed on 20lb printer paper will NOT be accepted. White or cream-colored paper only.
  • Paper Cutter or Scissors – A paper cutter will reduce your tag prepping time drastically, but scissors will get the job done.
  • Hole Punch – This will help when you need to zip tie your tags to an item.

Hangers & Pins

  • Wire Hangers – You can get these from most dry cleaners for free. They can also be bought on Amazon or at a Dollar Store.
  • Safety Pins – You will need all different sizes, so we recommend the big variety packs. No 1” gold pins please!
  • Zip Ties – You will need a variety of sizes for zip ties also.


  • Laundry Detergent – We recommend one that treats stains and helps to brighten your clothes.
  • Dryer Sheets – Use something with a pleasant scent, nothing too strong, to give the clothes a nice light scent.
  • Clothing Rack or Place to Hang Your Clothes – Make sure to identify a place in your home to put your clothes once they are on hangers. You don’t want to risk them getting wrinkled and undo all your hard prep-work.


  • Unique Print Tape – This is optional; it can be used on the tops of your hangers to help you identify your items during pick-up after the sale.
  • Ziploc Bags – You will want a variety of sizes to be used for small pieces or items with multiple pieces that can’t be zip-tied together.
  • Packing Tape – You’ll need this to attach your tags to your bags (or large items).
  • Masking or Painters Tape – You’ll use this for attaching tags to books, puzzles, DVD boxes or other items where packing tape may damage the item.
  • Several Cloths or Box of Swifter Cloths – You will want to wipe down all non-clothing items to help them look their best. You may need to wet down the cloths if the items are in need of a good cleaning.
  • Batteries – Dollar store batteries are fine; you will need these to replace the ones in any items that require batteries.

Using our Seller Software

Using My Consignment Manger to Create Barcode Tags

KidStuff Sale utilizes MyConsignmentManager (MyCM) to allow you to electronically enter all of your items, print your tags, and manage your inventory. The cost of using this system is included in your registration fee.

Benefits to you:

  • Easy to use
  • Electronically enter your tags from any computer, tablet or phone with internet access
  • Calculate your potential sales
  • Print lists of your sold and unsold inventory
  • Print an itemized donation list (unsold items) for your taxes
  • Transfer unsold items from one KidStuff Sale to another without retagging
  • View sold items before picking up unsold items and receiving payment
  • Access begins when you register for a sale

General Tag Info

Please make sure to use a great quality printer with adequate ink when printing from home. If the barcode is blurry or the ink is faded then the item won’t scan and will have to be manually entered which slows down the lines substantially.

The Copy Palace (owner Robert Lampton) is a frequent partner of KidStuff to print tags and has amazing pricing for us! Just email your tag PDF to: and tags can be picked up Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm. Strongly recommend calling before you head over, his office number is 502-254-5300. 11003 Bluegrass Parkway, Suite 510, Louisville, 40299.

There are two types of tags that can be used:

  • Regular; Print 8 / Page
  • Large Item; Print 2 / Page
    • These should be used for items that cannot be carried to the hold area or items valued $20+
    • Keep both parts of the tag intact

Creating Detailed Barcode Tags

Some consignors choose to enter detailed information for each of their barcode tags. Detailed information can be beneficial in the case that a tag falls off an item. (Read about our item preparation tips here.) To learn how to Power Tag, click here.

How to Create Detailed Tags

  1. Organize your items into groups by type: toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort all clothing by gender, type, and size.
  2. Enter your items into MyCM. Sorting before entering items will save you time, as you’ll only have to re-enter the price and description for each new item. Item categories remain the same until you change them.
  3. Edit your tags through the Manage Inventory Here you can print inventory reports, edit groups of or individual items, or see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you’ve entered into the system.
  4. As you enter your items, remember to use the Description field to provide brief details about each item. Include size (i.e. Junior, Toddler, Youth), brand (i.e. Gymboree, Lands End), and other descriptions (i.e. color, size, # of pieces). The Description information helps with security, placing your items in the appropriate areas of the sales floor, and locating items for pick-up.
  5. Size your items appropriately, so they are placed in the best area for buyers to see. Clothing is organized by gender and size. Since the Size field does not offer ranges, please defer to the smaller size if your item has a range. (For example, sizes 10-12 should be tagged as a size 10.)
  6. Print tags any time you want: in intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items. Please print tags only on white cover stock or card stock 67 lb. weight or heavier.
  7. Check your tags to make sure the barcode is clear and is not excessively dark. (The ‘normal’ setting is best to use when printing.)
  8. Tag your items with safety pins by attaching the tag to the top, right-hand side of the clothing (see image below). Hangers should be open to the left like a question mark (?). When applying tape to the toys, equipment, and other items, please do not put tape on the barcode.
  9. Each item must have a unique barcode item # – never reprint a barcode tag page. Sellers are paid once per barcode #.

Printing Your Barcode Tags

*Note: The MyCM deadline to enter your items is for data entry only! You may generate your PDF barcode tag file and print your tags any time after the deadline.

After you enter your items, you can print at home (by selecting Print Tags and following prompts), or you can use one of our partner printers.

When printing at home:

  1. Select Print Tags at the top of the page
  2. In the Show [  ] Entries drop-down menu, select the maximum number to print all entries
  3. Check the All checkbox
  4. Click Generate Tags
  5. This will print to a .pdf. You must have Adobe to open this file. Choose to save to your computer or to print.
When printing with a KidStuff Sale Partner Printer:

Our partner printers will print your PDF on required 60+ lb. white cardstock and cut them if you’d like. The service is wonderful and the tags scan great–meaning faster register lines! With our partner printers, you save ink, paper, and time!

Simply create your tag PDF file within the system and save it to your hard drive. Address an email to the printer of your choice and attach the PDF file. Be sure to specify that you want the tags printed on 60+ lb. card stock and cut!

The bundle of tags shown above (approx. 300 tags) costs $8.00*.
*Prices will vary depending on partner printer – call to confirm current pricing! Copy Palace is the best deal – we suggest you check pricing before you choose printer.

Printing Partners


Middletown Printing & Copying
11714 Old Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40243
(502) 244-8711

Copy Palace, Inc.
open Monday – Friday
10478 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 254-5300

Office Depot
1850 Hurstbourne Parkway
Louisville, KY 40220
(502) 491-6725

Oldham County

Fine Print Shop
4725 W. Highway 146
Buckner, KY 40010
(502) 222-0208

Southern Indiana

Office Depot
310 New Albany Plaza (State St)
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 941-0899

Office Depot
706 E Lewis And Clark Parkway
Clarksville, IN 47129
(812) 283-8364

Power Tagging

Power Tagging is when a seller creates a large quantity of pre price barcode tags without description detail. This can be helpful when pricing items such a books, accessories, etc.  Power Tagging is also helpful when you are short on time and need to create tags before the online inventory system locks in preparation for the event.  Here are the PROS and CONS to using prepriced barcode tags.

Some consignors choose to enter detailed information for each of their barcode tags. Detailed information is very beneficial for a number of reasons.

  • If a tag falls off during the event we can attempt to match the tag if a buyer wants to purchase your item or when an untagged items is brought to the unsellable area.  We do not sell items without barcode tags.
  • Sellers are able to track specific items during the sale – determine if you’ve priced well and use that information for future events.  You KNOW what sells and when.
  • Sellers are able to print a detailed unsolds report at the end of the sale so you can determine if its worth the time to pick up remaining items or simply donate  them.
  • Detailed tags make pick up easier as you know specifically what items should be on the sale floor.
  • Your inventory management is more meaningful – if you decide to reprint a tag, change a discount status or price before check-in you can easily find the item.


If you would rather not enter your item detail online by using MyCM, you can create pre-priced barcode tags and enter your item data by hand. Power Tagging is fast and easy if online reporting and tracking are not important to you.

Transferring Inventory (Optional)

*Not all events offer to transfer/ not all items can be transferred.

Once you enter a barcode into our system, you can edit, transfer, and reprint it for future events.

Note: The previous sale must be unlocked by KidStuff in order for you to access the unsold items that you want to transfer.
This is usually done one or two days after the close of that sale.

How to Transfer Inventory

  1. Register and log into the upcoming  sale and go to Manage Inventory.
  2. Under Select a Sale, choose the previous sale and click Select Sale. You’ll now be looking at the previous sale’s inventory and will notice items are marked Sold or Unsold.
  3. To transfer only the Unsold items, locate the column titled Status at the top, select Unsold, and click on Refresh. The list will now contain only the items which didn’t sell at the previous sale.
  4. Select the items and barcode tags you want to transfer by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes or select the Check All box. Choose only those items that are accepted for the upcoming season.
  5. MyCM will store ooff-season barcode data for up to 18 mo.
  6. Under the Other section on the right side, click on Item Transfers.
  7. Use the drop-down box to select the upcoming sale.
  8. Once you have transferred your items, go back to the Select a Sale drop-down box. Select the upcoming sale option and click on Select a Sale button. You have now confirmed that your previous inventory is now in the upcoming sale.

Tried these steps and still need help? Contact

Transferring barcodes from one KidStuff Sale to another is easy! Whether you are joining us the same season at another event location, or saving items for the next season sale – once the tagging work is done transferring unsold items is super easy!

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