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It’s that time of year in Kentucky, well all around the country really but since Kentucky is a basketball state, those of us in Kentucky seem to really get into March Madness time. This spring, KidStuff Sale is doing their own version of March Madness by having their spring consignment sale called March Mayhem! There are two back to back sales in March for East Louisville. The first is March 6-8 and the second is the following weekend, March 13-15.

 So how do you get involved in the March Mayhem?? Well, first of all let me tell you a little bit about consignment and consigning in general. Consigning in general is the act of really placing any material into the hands of another person…for instance, putting your gently used items in the hands of a new owner!! Consigning means you sell your items, and they become the property of another person. So, when you sell your items at a consignment sale such as KidStuff Sale, they become sold goods, another person gets to benefit from them, and you get payment in a very simple, easy way! I have been consigning for about three years now. I didn’t consign until I had a second child, and once I started with KidStuff Sale I never looked back! It is so super easy and simple, and the KidStuff team are so resourceful and great to work with. It’s just a win-win. Ahem, win-win, March Madness, basketball, see the comparison??!!

 For a growing family, there are many benefits for consigning and taking part in consignment sales.

#1 It’s just plain good for you. It simplifies your life, and turns items in your closet(s) into cash.

#2 It’s good for the environment by involving the act and idea of recycling into your life and your children’s lives.

#3 It helps you keep your closets clean.

#4 It helps you live a simpler life.

#5 The extra cash you earn helps your family with any extra needs or wants that may arise.

 I know for my family’s case, as my family grew, sort of unexpectedly, I knew we had to do something to stay on top of the clutter and toys that were no longer needed and clothes that my children outgrew very quickly. We were a three person family for a long time, but we added a fourth and with that extra person in a house (with no basement!) that we had already almost outgrown, we just simply could not hold onto items. Consigning became a necessity for me as a mom! I love consigning, and my older daughter loves going through her own items and reducing what she owns and keeps in her room and closet. I give her a percentage of my sales that I make for the items that are specifically hers. She gets to earn some of her own money, and for a tween that is a great advantage!

 So I encourage you to get on the TEAM for March Mayhem and March Madness and get that madness out of your house and into the sale! The East Louisville sale is going to be located at Jeffersontown Commons, 9315 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, 40299. Again, here are the dates, as well as the dates for Southern Indiana and Oldham County. Go KidStuff Sale!

Event #1  March  6th – 8th

Friday & Saturday  9am – 7pm

Sunday  11am – 4pm

Event #2  March  13th – 15th

Friday & Saturday  9am – 7pm

Sunday 11am – 4pm

Southern Indiana: Thursday, April 16th  9am-7pm Friday, April 17th  9am – 7pm Saturday, April 18th  9am – 2pm* * Discount Day

Oldham County: Thursday, April 23rd 9am-7pm Friday, April 24th  9am -7pm Saturday, April 25th  9am – 4pm* * Discount Day


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