News You Can Use Spring 2018

As KidStuff Sale continues to grow, we continue to tweak our procedures and services. For your convenience, we are listing changes here, but we also encourage you to review the seller details each season as you prepare for our events. This page will continue to be updated as new features are added to the website. Check back regularly!

Spring 2018

All volunteers will need to have their full mycm sign in – user name and password in order to login to our new volunteer sign in program! Be sure to look it up and write it down if need be.

Unsold items will remain in display order during pick up periods. Sellers are encouraged to mark hangers and other items in such a way to make them easier to locate during pick up.  We also encourage seller to maintain a meaningful inventory (no unused barcodes or items in the system sellers have given away or decided not to sell) for a more accurate pick up report.

Recent Updates

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