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Hi!  PayPal payments were sent this morning.  As a reminder per my post of Feb 4 , the amount on the mycm settlement report included payment for items that were returned (seller overpayment) but does NOT reflect returned item *fees calculated from store returns – return fee is the cost/value of the returned item.  Mycm and the store returns are two separate systems which means the calculations are done manually.  If you had a returned listed on the Feb 2 post you can calculate the adjustment for your returns.  Here is an example of two items that were returned – this example will help you to calculate any difference you see between mcym and your payout.   🙂

Cost / value of returned item 67% pd in mycm for that item in error cost of return plus over payment
-3 -2.01 -5.01
-4 -2.68 -6.68

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