zzRecall Information

KidStuff Sale takes the safety of our shoppers very seriously. Due to recent legislation regarding increased lead safety testing and subsequent recalls, we’re providing this page to help educate our sellers and shoppers.

Because of the number of items recalled annually, it’s important that each consignor thoroughly read these resources before offering items for sale. Ultimately, it’s the seller’s responsibility to verify that items being offered for sale have not been recalled.

For your own protection, we highly recommend every seller and shopper review the Consumer Protection Safety Commission website.

Banned Items

As recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, KidStuff Sale will no longer allow the following items:

  • Children’s cheap costume jewelry
  • Baby and/or character dolls with parts that can be easily removed and cause a choking hazard
  • Flimsy toys, including Dollar Store items or fast food restaurant toys
  • Infant items made of soft pliable vinyl or plastic, such as nipples, pacifiers, bath toys or books, squeeze toys, etc.

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