zzRegister to Consign your Home Decor – 2 options

 We have 2 options for registering for our Home Decor Sale!

1. REGISTER using our online barcode tagging system and enjoy the ability to track your personal sales online.  The $12 registration fee can be paid by credit card or paypal funds.  OR  if you choose the pay by check option when registering, the $12 can be paid by mailing a check to our po box or deducted from your sale proceeds.  If you choose the option to discount your items using the online system, your items will be discounted 50% of the last day of the event. 

Register for the online barcode tagging system


2. REGISTER to use the Manual Tag (handwritten) tag method. Complete the form below providing us your contact information.  We will email you a seller # to hand fill on your tags.  You are welcome to use index cards to prepare your tags or print our Tag Template PDF   Your $12 registration fee will be deducted from your sale proceeds.

 We require the tag format presented below if you are handwriting index cards. Place the data in the appropriate area of  the post card.

* Optional Discounting – You may choose to discount your item during the event.  For the October 2015 Oldham Co. event we will offer one day of discounting which will be Sunday, Oct. 11th.  If you choose to discount, use the Discount price #1 space on the  tag.  

Feel free to call with questions  502-262-1248

single tag template CHD

Manual Tag Registration Only

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