Kidstuff Sale Blog

  1. Sales for WEDNESDAY (seller presale night )have been uploaded to MyCM.  
  2. Click View Settlement Report to see the sold items list and access your SOLD ITEM LABELS
  3. When printing the first time, print the entire pdf.  Notice you can choose to print all or SOME of the sold items.
  4. I suggest you make a copy of the cardstock tags on regular paper and keep track of the items you already printed.  Next time you print uncheck the items already printed.  If this is confusing, simply print the entire pdf each time and discard items already tagged.
  5. Disregard the quick stats area on your seller home page – that is still in beta.
  6. MUCH of this is still in beta – totally new system, learning together as we go 
  7. Regarding the storefront.  I’m using a Hideout app removes items as they sell – that app cycles every few hours.
  8. Don’t try to guess sold #, missing items, etc. (or emailing asking please..) I spent no less than 45 minutes yesterday confirming for seller items were sold.
  9. There are always a couple hundred items that don’t upload for bad images (grey thumbnail in mycm) or high res images. Always go back to mycm to see what things look like on your end.
  10. Settlement report – adjustments to % for team partners have not been captured yet.
  11. Manage Items are does to upload to SOLD until the end of the sale when barcodes are reconciled and the sale is unlocked, please refer to settlement report.
  12. Please check email daily or twice a day – that is our primary way to communicate as not all sellers are on Facebook. 
  13. Have a crazy, awesome, Friday and weekend!  Thank you so much for taking this wild virtual ride with KidStuff Sale!    Suzette 🙂

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