Selling your stuff with KidStuff Sale

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In Person Selling

Step 1: Join the fun – Register!

Register online to secure a seller spot, pay your registration fee to access our tagging system.

Step 2: Prep, Price & Tag

Gather your items, freshen, fluff and prep your items, determine your price, enter the item information into the bar-code system – print and attach the tag.

Step 3: Check In 

Select an appointment time to Check-in your KidStuff.  Check-in process details and options will be emailed to sellers. 

Step 4: Pick Up (optional) and Get Paid

Stop by and gather your unsold items at the designted time or we will donate for you and provide a tax receipt. Sale proceeds sent within days of the event!

Register Fall Sale :  Aug 25-27

Seller Information

Regular Seller Registration $15
Earn 67% – Eligible for  seller presales
300 total items / 200 clothing on hangers

Deadline to enter items:  TBD
Check-In Aug 21/22 *by appt
Standard  & Valet Options for Check-In

Restock Seller Registration $10
Earn 67% – Eligible for seller presales
200 total items / 100 clothing on hangers
Deadline to enter items: TBD
Check-In TBD 
Standard Check-In Option

ALL Seller Restock
Regular sellers may restock items in determined restock categories –
Check In for all seller restock items – anytime! 

Event Dates

Set up & Check-In Aug 21/22
Private Presales Aug 23
Public Presales Aug 24
Public Sale Days Aug 25-27
Optional Seller Pick-up Aug 27
Dollar Dash & Charity Aug 28


Event location:

 Triple Crown Pavilion

1780 Plantside Drive Louisville KY 40299

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