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Consigning your unwanted items is easy and win/win for your family. You’ll be thrilled with the earning potential AND the bargains you’ll find for you kids. More money for your stuff ~ more stuff for you money. All under one roof at one consignment sale event.

Sellers earn 70% less a $15 seller registration fee ~ less than half the cost of a classified ad!

How it works:

      1. create an account online
      2. gather your items to sell
      3. determine the sale price
      4. enter items and print barcode tags
      5. drop off your items at the sale venue
      6. track daily sales online
      7. pick up your check and unsold items
      8. transfer and sell in next sale without re-tagging

What we do:

      1. reserve your space at the venue
      2. extensively advertise the sale
      3. display and merchandise your items
      4. host special early presale for YOU!
      5. manage the entire event
      6. Help you SELL YOUR KIDSTUFF

Consignor Info

  • Sellers earn 70% of personal sales.  Ambassador Sellers who sign up to help can earn up to 85% of sales.* see paragraph below
  • Seller registration fee is $15 per event and you get to shop before the public sale begins. You also receive a guest pass for a friend to shop before the public sale.
  • The first time you register for a sale, you’ll create a unique user id, password, and seller # that you can use for any future sale.
  • If you’d like to participate in more than one sale location, simply register for each sale location individually. But, remember, you use the same user information when you register for each sale.
  • Maintaining the same seller # will enable you to tag items once and register to participate in as many sales/seasons as you like! No more re-tagging!

Ambassador Consignor Information

  • During the sale, help is needed to receive and organize clothing and toys, straighten merchandise, assist shoppers and help with the check out / register area. Shifts are listed in the online tagging/scheduling section of the website. Who better to help than the owners of the merchandise.
  • We are happy to create a shift that works with your family schedule! We are flexible! We also know that not all moms are able to help during the actual event – we have limited at home options too – call or email us for more information.
    • Ambassador Consignor incentives are as follows:
      Help 4 hrs and attend a private presale.
      Help 8 hrs and earn 75% & attend the private presale.
      Help 12 hours* earn 80% of sales and attend private presale.
      Help 16 hours* earn 85% of sales and attend private presale.

*To be eligible for higher consignment percentages of 80% or 85% , we require that you select one set up AND one sale end sort shift noted as HIGH PRIORITY RED SHIFTS.  The remaining four (4) hour shifts will be scheduled by our coordinator. After you choose your first two shifts, email Kim@KidStuffSale.com to select your remaining shifts.  High hours opportunities are filled on a first come first served basis.

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