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Hi!  Seller payments will be sent to PayPal by Feb 11th (10-14 days from the last day of shopper pick up) A few things to note as you anticipate your payment.

  • Funds are sent to your registration email on file with KidStuff Sale.  If your KidStuff registration email is different from your PayPal email, login to PayPal and add your KidStuff email as a secondary email.  At this point it is too late to change your KidStuff email in the system for the January sale.
  • % Adjustments for shifts, credits for loaner wagons, etc. have been captured on the Settlement report.  If you are expecting an adjustment, please login to confirm the change – email by Sunday, Feb 7th if you have questions/concerns.
  • Sellers who were unable to bring sold items to check-in OR had items returned by shoppers at pick-up – please review the fees associated with those items:
      • If sellers are unable to produce an item at seller check-in, have entered duplicate items or if the item is sized/described incorrectly, damaged, stained, or otherwise in unsellable condition, the seller will be assessed an administrative fee of the cost of the item PLUS an additional $15 for each group of 3 rejected items per sale. *Quality Control light Inspection will occur at seller check-in and by shopper at pick up.
  •  Sellers with items refunded for reasons stated above. PLEASE NOTE: The mycm system is not directly connected to the store refund system.  Sellers current settlement report includes all items that were sold even though some items were not delivered at check in or were returned by a shopper and found to be unacceptable by the KidStuff return manager.  SO, a deduction will be made for the funds included in the settlement report for items that were not successfully sold PLUS the additional fee structure outlined above.   For example: Seller A listed an item in the sale for $5 – KidStuff SOLD that item for $5.  The item was not delivered to seller check it (or was refused by the shopper)  Seller A  settlement report lists a sold item of $3.35 ($5 @ 67%) in error. KidStuff will reduce Seller A payout by $8.35 or $3.35 that was paid in error and $5 fee cost of the item.
  • Feel free to contact me after payout if you have a question regarding how the fees are calculated.  This process is very time consuming and is one of the reasons I need extra time to prepare payout.

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