Shopper Information

We love to see our shoppers discover bargains and leave KidStuff Sale events happy and satisfied! In order for you to have the best shopping experience at KidStuff, follow these tips:

Shopping Tips

  • Bring a shopping bag, laundry basket, or empty stroller to carry items in while you shop. We also provide huge IKEA shopping bags for your convenience. Once full, these bags can be placed in our HOLD area for hands-free shopping.  
  • If you want to buy a larger item, we’ll place it in the HOLD area, secured, while you continue to shop. These items will them be claimed before you check out.
  • For our Sellers’ protection, our stroller inventory is locked. If you want to buy a stroller, we will unlock it and move it to the HOLD area while you continue to shop.
  • If you no longer want an item, please use our Discard racks for unwanted items. Our volunteers will place the items back on the sale floor as it’s important that these items be placed back on the floor correctly.
  • Before you enter the check-out area, your items will be counted. This is for everyone’s protection as it serves to double check for our volunteers working the registers.  
  • Carry cash for quick checkouts! We also accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
  • Be sure to review the most recent Consumer Product Safety Commission (This is wise to do before shopping any consignment sale or store.)

Recall Information

Search for current recalls here.

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