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Link to Seller Information and Update page – bookmark for future reference

Hi.  Please login and watch the updated video on the seller home screen -I think I’ve captured all below but just in case. 🙂  Congrats to all on a great sale!

  • When you arrive for check-in, unload your items into the lobby, the immediately move your car for the next seller to unload – once parked come back in for the check-in process.
  • Bring all sold barcodes – even those for items you bought yourself (duplicate entries, etc.) or broken or missing items you sold but cannot produce for the shopper.
  • Be sure all fragile or breakable items are properly prepared – we cannot take responsibility for broken fragile items during order confirmation.  Please pack as if you are shipping – boxed/wrapped, etc.
  • Given the amazing amount of sales, check-in will be backed up – come when you have the most amount of time.  All check-in off sold items MUST be completed by 12pm Tuesday at the latest.  No late check-in, please!
  • Wear a mask, maintain 6 ft distance while flooring items when possible.
  • Bring your own wagon, cart, or stroller to aid in flooring items – especially if you have 75+ items to floor – it will be hard to have the wagons tied up when flooring larger orders.  We may ask you to work out of your boxes vs a wagon if you have a large order to floor.
  • Please check email 2x a day for the next 4 days so we are all on the same page.
  • Contact us by text on 502-209-9899 vs email or Facebook Group or messenger.  We cannot monitor all of those areas during venue days.  Be sure to leave your full name and seller # with each text, please.

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