Tag for You Service

Earn Money, Save Time!

KidStuff and our tagging partners do ALL of the work for you!

Hanging, Tagging, Prepping, Pricing, Storing and Transporting to the Sale.  We got it covered hanger, pins, packing tape, zip ties, cardstock, printer ink and more.

Earn 40% of the selling price

Fantastic re-sale earnings with little to no work! We will handle the details – hangers, pins, packing tape, zipties, cardstock, ink and more! TFY sellers pay the sale registration fee (once you receive confirmation) and a $10 material fee.  That is it! 

Early Shopping Pass to shop before the public!

TagforYou sellers are invited to attend the seller presale, and seller half price presale as well as the Dollar Dash.  See the event calendar for details. 

Sign up and start to gather your KidStuff items

Complete the application form below and then begin to gather your items.  Infant equipment, toys, baby gear, quality clothing and accessory items only.  Bettter and Boutique brands only – size 3T-14 minimum price point $4 Visit our What to Sell page for more information. You’ll receive detailed instructions once you’ve secured your Tag for You reservation.

Your TagForYou Tagger is ready for you

You will be contacted by an experience TFY KidStuff Tagger to arrange to get your items from you.  At that meeting you will provide your signed seller agreement and $10 tagging supply fee. You will receive your presale pass via email.  If the TFY Tagger determines items you’ve submitted are unsellable or less than the $4 minimum resale price point, they will be donated. 

Relax, Shop and Collect your proceeds - Money!

Enjoy the seller presale and then watch your sales GROW!  Shortly after the KidStuff event, you will receive notification that your sale proceeds have been added to your PayPal account. We will even provide a tax donation slip for your donated unsold items.

Tag For You Service Space is limited – sign up today!

Our tagging service is a highly sought after service and space is limited. Once you are contacted by our KidStuff Sale Tagger, begin to gather your items and prepare for your appoint to drop off your items.  Missed appointments will be rescheduled after all WAIT LIST TagForYou sellers are helped – no excptions.  Thank you in afvance for your understanding.

How KidStuff Sale Toy/Equipment Buy Works

1. Gather your items

Toys, wagons, playhouses, bicycles, baby gear (strollers, cribs, exersaucers, etc), shoes, etc.  Boutique Brand clothing only –  size 3T-14. Season specialties such as Halloween Costumes, Winter Coats/Boots, etc. The Buyer will let you know if we have a need for any other category of items.

2. Meet with Our KidStuff Buyer

Once we review your application you will be connected with a KidStuff Buyer.  She will contact you and arrange a public meeting location. At the appointment, the KidStuff Buyer will review your items and offer you a higher-than-average current resale value for accepted items. You may also make an appointment to bring your items direct to the sale venue.  Options are listing in the form. 

3. Get Paid Now

You will be paid at your appointment via PayPal deposit or check.  You’ll also receive two PreSale passes for the upcoming KidStuff Sale Event.  

Sign up for our KidStuff Sale Email List!