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Happy Saturday!  This is a busy tagging weekend – DON’T STRESS – you’ll get it done.  Focus on larger items and toys first – quick to tag and make a huge impact on the clutter in your home.  Then move to highly season clothing items – swimsuits, summer clothing, etc.   The initial deadline to enter is Sunday night at 11pm – here is the timeline pdf link for your reference:  Timeline TPC March Sale

Regarding restock: The system will reopen for sellers who would like to register ($2) as a restock seller – restock items are floored later in the sale – these items sell very well as the sale floor has thinned out some.  We will do our best to sync the sale data daily as items are added so sellers are able to see their restock item in view settlement. Restockers are be sellers who were unable to get their items into the system this weekend or sellers who find additional items around the house that they would like to add.  We hope to provide every opportunity for you to add items you want to sell. 🙂

If you find the restock option confusing DON’T WORRY Just keep tagging!  We will explain along the way. 🙂   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read your email daily from today through March 15th so we are all on the same page.  🙂

Here are a few videos to help you best prepare your KidStuff: KidStuff Tagging Tips

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