zzCreating Detailed Barcode Tags

Some consignors choose to enter detailed information for each of their barcode tags. Detailed information can be beneficial in the case that a tag falls off an item. (Read about our item preparation tips here.) To learn how to Power Tag, click here.

How to Create Detailed Tags

  1. Organize your items into groups by type, such as toys, clothing, equipment, etc. Sort all clothing by gender, type, and size.
  2. Enter your items into MyCM. Sorting before entering items will save you time as you’ll only have to re-enter the price and description for each new item. Item categories remain the same until you change them. The fields will also automatically complete once they’ve learned the descriptions and you key the first letter or digit.
  3. Edit your tags through the Manage Inventory screen. Here you can print inventory reports, edit groups of or individual items, or see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you’ve entered into the system.
  4. As you enter your items, remember to use the Description field to provide brief details about each item. Include size (i.e. Junior, Toddler, Youth), brand (i.e. Gymboree, Lands End), and other descriptions (i.e. color, size, # of pieces). The Description information helps with security, placing your items in the appropriate areas of the sales floor, and locating items for pick-up.
  5. Size your items appropriately so they will be placed in the best area for buyers to see. The clothing area is organized by gender and size. Since the Size field does not offer ranges, please defer to the smaller size if your item has a range. (For example, sizes 10-12 should be tagged as a size 10.)
  6. Print tags any time you want, in intervals or all at once when you finish entering your items. Please print tags only on white cover stock or card stock 60 lb. weight or heavier.
  7. Check your tags to make sure the barcode is clear and is not excessively dark. (The ‘normal’ setting is best to use when printing.)
  8. Tag your items with safety pins or a tagging gun by attaching the tag to the top, right-hand side of the clothing (see image below). Hangers should be open to the left like a question mark (?). When applying tape to the toys, equipment, and other items, please don’t put tape on the bar code.
Tagging Examples:

red shirthanger

Here is a sample of the tags you can create using MyConsignmentManager! Learn more about printing your tags here.


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