Track Daily Sales

One of the best things about selling with KidStuff Sale is having the ability to check your sales report each day to see how much you have sold. Here’s what it looks like:

  • You’ll know exactly what you’re selling during sale week
  • You’ll know exactly what’s left on the sale floor before deciding to donate or pick items up
  • You’ll be motivated by seeing your higher sales and an accurate reporting of what you’ve made so far  

  Some of the benefits of the sales tracking include:

  • We update it daily! Simply log into your KidStuff Sale account and click “View Settlement”
  • Your sales report will show each item–line by line–that you’ve sold
    1. If you created tags with the Power Tagging feature, you won’t know exact item details, but you’ll still see totals at the bottom (as shown in first three lines of the picture).
    2. If you created tags with detailed descriptions, you’ll be able to see exactly which items are selling (as shown on the bottom lines of the picture).  

sales tracking

  • Your sales report will reflect your consignor percentage. As your volunteer shifts are verified, your percentage will be adjusted to reflect 75%, 80%, or even 85% of your sales. No need for you to do the math. As you sell more items, you’ll know exactly what your check amount will be at the end of the event.sales tracking 2

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