zzTransferring Inventory

Transferring barcodes from one KidStuff Sale event to another is easy!

Once you enter a barcode into our system, you can edit, transfer, and reprint it for future events. Note: The previous sale must be unlocked by KidStuff in order for you to access the unsold items that you want to transfer. This is usually done one or two days after the close of that sale.

How to Transfer

  1. Register and log into the upcoming sale and go to Manage Inventory.
  2. Under Select a Sale, choose the previous sale and click Select Sale. You’ll now be looking at the previous sale’s inventory and will notice items are marked Sold or Unsold.
  3. To transfer only the Unsold items, locate the column titled Status at the top, select Unsold, and click on Refresh. The list will now contain only the items which didn’t sell at the previous sale.
  4. Select the tags you want to transfer by clicking on the appropriate checkboxes or select the Check All box.
  5. Under the Other section on the right side, click on Item Transfers.
  6. Use the drop-down box to select the upcoming sale.
  7. Once you have transferred your items, go back to the Select a Sale drop-down box. Select the upcoming sale option and click on Select a Sale button. You have now confirmed that your previous inventory is now in the upcoming sale.

Tried these steps and still need help? Contact Info@KidStuffSale.com or 502-262-1248.

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