Help at our September in Louisville, KY

Helper Information

KidStuff Sale events couldn’t happen without the help of our sellers. At each sale, help is needed to receive and organize clothing and toys, straighten merchandise, assist shoppers, and help with the check-out and register area and much more!

Shifts are listed on the online tagging and scheduling section of the website. We are also happy to create a custom shift that works with your family schedule. We are flexible!

Helper Earnings and Early Shopping Incentives 

  • All KidStuff Sale sellers earn 67% of personal sales plus enjoy a presale opportunity on; TBA
  • Help any one (1) shift earn 70% and shop: TBA
  • Help any two (2) shifts to earn 70% & shop: TBA
  • Help any three (3) shifts to earn 75% & shop: TBA
  • Help four (4) *RED shifts to earn 80% & shop: TBA
  • Note: One shift is four (4) hours  /  RED shifts are classified as **High Priority on the schedule.                                     High priority opportunities are filled on a first-come, first served basis.   If you are unable to secure the number of needed shifts to reach your desired % of sales and shopping time, check back. Additional high priority shifts may be added on an as-needed basis the one week before the event. 
  • Area Leads earn 85% helping in key roles such as sale set up lead, check-in inspection lead, floor management lead, register lead and so on.  If you would like to be considered for an Area Lead role email and include your area of interest/experience.  We would love to explore this with you!   Please do NOT choose the 5th shift without approval. Thanks for understanding. 
  • Area Leads Help five (5) shifts to earn 85% & shop:TBA
What will I be doing when I help?

Depending on the shift that you choose, you could be doing a variety of jobs.  Before the sale begins, you may be helping to inspect or organize clothing and toys.  Putting items on the sale floor and merchandising.  If you chose a shift during the sale, you could be helping shoppers find items and then carry them to the HOLD area. You also could be helping in the HOLD or the count area as shoppers prepare to get in line for the register.  You will never be asked to work the register if you have not been trained on our register system – but if you are interested let us know.  Set up involves loading and unloading the truck involves a lot of heavy lifting and walking. Please only chose these shifts if you do not have any physical restrictions. Sale set-up and tear-down activities also require some lifting and lots of walking. The most important thing you will be doing as a helper is meeting other moms, helping to run the sale and having fun!

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you will be on your feet and doing a lot of walking during your shift. Make sure to wear layers or bring a jacket with you in case the venue is chilly.
What about snacks and drinks?
If you are working several shifts or working during meal times, please feel free to bring a snack and drink with you. Some snacks are provided.
Can I bring my child/children with me?

We ask that you find someone to keep your children while helping at the sale. We depend on our helpers to keep our events running smoothly and securely, and helping with your child would be distracting.

What if the shift times that are available to sign up for do not work for me?

We are more than happy to help you find a time that works for you! Please email, and we will help create a shift that fits yours and the sale’s needs.

What if I am not able to work my shift(s)?

We are all moms and understand that life happens! Please, if you are not able to be there during your shift, try to find someone to help in your place. This could be your husband, mom, dad, sister, or friend. If you have no one that can come in your place, please contact us, and we will do our best to try to reschedule you for another shift. If you are not able to work any provided make-up shifts, your account will be charged a $25.00 no-show fee for each shift that you miss.

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