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Here is the scoop: 4pm  Jan 21

  • *** SUPER IMPORTANT, if you contact us in any way, text – pm – email – call – first provide your full name and seller # – we need this info to help you. 🙂
  • Wednesday’s sales will be uploaded tonight – the system will generate a Shopper Barcode PDF for you to print on cardstock.
  • Each and every time I uploaded sales the system will *add on sold items to the previous sold and will ADD ON the same Shopper Barcode tag to the updated PDF.
  • It is up to each seller to manage this process and dispose of previously printed barcode tags – OR wait until the last upload on Sunday late afternoon and print one time.
  • All shopper barcodes must be accounted for and brought to check-in. (not including duplicates if you choose to print each upload) For example: If you sell 45 items you must bring 45 items tagged or 43 items tag and two loose barcodes.
  • If you had an item in inventory that was accidentally added or a duplicate you didn’t catch and purchased to get it out of your store inventory, bring us the tag.
  • I am using an app called HIDEOUT that wipes sold items off the storefront.  It runs every 90-120 minutes to remove sold items from the storefront which would annoy shoppers.
  • I’m sorry, I am unable to address individual errors in the store once the sale launches.  It is always very important that you double check your inventory before the entry deadline for this reason.  Thanks for understanding 🙂
  • Please refer to the sale timeline to know what is happening over the next three days.  Now that you’ve shopped, please do not stop watching the Facebook posts – now more than ever we all need to react, comment and share to keep up algorithms and prompts shoppers to check out the store and BUY ALL YOUR STUFF!
  • Public sale starts Friday at 8am and runs through 6am Saturday. I’ll be sending out email blasts, text reminders and boosted Facebook ads to drive sales! Please help by locating those posts and sharing with your friends and family.
  • You are invited to share the following code with friends and family tonight starting at 7pm – ppreshop  This is our seller guest presale. Let’s sell as much at full price as possible over the next 36 hours!  Obviously don’t post the code of open Facebook – but you can text or pm friends.
  • The store reopens Saturday 8am 25% off discounted items until 2pm then closes again as we transition to 50% off at 6pm.  The half price presale is in between those hours.
  • We will be doing a FLASH 70% off sale sometime on Sunday – items marked yes discount will be reduced to 70%.  I will be posting a sign up for to say YES to 70% or to opt out – it is completely up to you. 🙂
  • That is all for now! 🙂 Suzette

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